Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, August 14, 2020

From a short message by Ashtar on the 18th July comes confirmation that order is coming and we will be united through a time shift that we are creating. You are creating the time lines you want to be on. Those that are not ready shall be accommodated and they will be back with you again – as they always return. You are destined to complete this journey. The Way Showers have ensured that the Light of the Violet Flame has won.
A short compilation from a video message from James McConnell.

As you must have noticed lately there have been a number of revelations recently by way of an explanation for the various things that have been happening. More to the point that guidance is being given to indicate that behind all of the happenings on Earth, there is much more of a positive nature than you might imagine. Suddenly more is being revealed about the future that is destined to lead you to Ascension. The problems on Earth indicate how important it is to seek an end to the turmoil and uncertainty so that there can be a coming together of all countries for a common and very important purpose, and it is time to sort out the differences and prepare for the better times that will ultimately see the world raised to a higher level with total peace.
Start thinking in an uplifting way that acknowledges the new times to come and prepare yourselves for them. If you only knew of the wonderful changes that will take place, you would not hesitate to put your full effort into whatever was required of you that can only be dreamt of at this time. You will have the freedom to go where your heart leads you, although there will always be wiser souls ready to help you along to make your choice. It is the “will to do good” that will drive your travels that can take you anywhere in an instance, distance being no barrier to your desires.
The more ideas you project into the future the more they will become established, as your ability to create grows. It is therefore essential that you only think positively, as if you focus on the negative you are giving it the power to manifest. So much is at stake but there exists the promise of positive thoughts and actions. It is very important to stay focussed, as the Earth has commenced its transition to a higher vibration as it is splitting into two different realities. One of the dogmatic ideological controlled structure, to the more free thinking freedom from control and authority to liberation. Not surprisingly many are choosing to leave the old realities whilst others are resisting. Your soul will have already made its decision to move on or stay, because your soul is you and knows more about you and what you need, more than you will ever realise as a human in this reality.
Your freedom is to be in the midst of all that upheaval and be able to change it. Your freedom is to be able to choose if you wish to continue in your present dimension and that no doubt will be the choice of those who feel that they have not advanced sufficiently to move on. You have been in the midst of all the upheaval yet progress has been made as the way forward is being mapped out for you, and no mortal shall have the ability to change it. Your freedom is being able to choose if you wish to continue in the present dimension or are ready to advance. For those who do feel ready and decide to advance, the higher vibrations will take them into a multi-vibrational reality which they have not yet experienced, one that enables them to acquire abilities that will lead them to becoming a Galactic being.
It is important to have a goal in mind particularly at this time so that you can focus upon it and not be distracted by what is going on around you. If you are to continue progressing you must keep firmly on your path, but be assured that you do have your Guides with you who will do their best to assist you. There has never been such an important time in your evolution as now, it is an opportunity that you have well deserved and only a personal disaster will prevent you reaching the expected conclusion. There is little chance of it but you should be on your guard as the negative forces will try to put you off your path. Understand that in a freewill situation they are allowed to go to great extremes to prevent you from being successful.
However, failure is the least likely result so keep progressing in a positive way knowing that you are being guided. The good news often precedes a period when not much progress seems to be made, yet it is but not known until it is considered safe to do so, as there is always the risk of interference. So take heart when much anticipated changes are announced, although they may be amended you are assured the purpose for which they have been made will go ahead. Can you sense that the changes are taking place, albeit they are not necessarily obvious so it is regretful that we cannot always be more open about them.
The important thing is that we do keep our promises to you and in due course you are certain to see evidence of them. So ignore the attempts of the dark Ones to disrupt your advancement as they now lack the means to cause a permanent upset. We are leading the way forward with full confidence after a long period of careful planning to be able to say that we are in front, and having achieved such a position we shall not be moved from it. All around you changes are occurring as a sure sign that Mother Earth is at work to cleanse the Earth.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.