Light has a source, but it does not have a focal point. It shines forth brilliantly, joyful at its natural ability to share and extend its very being, its beauty and warmth with all.

In the same way, YOU have no focal point. You exist everywhere, in all of creation at all times. Your joy lies in this realization, in this remembrance. What you truly are, beneath the veil, beyond all your ideas about yourself, your concepts and identifications with the body and the personality, exists beyond time and space. It shines forth in unity, with a beauty and a depth that words cannot describe, offering itself to everything that is.

As you focus your attention internally rather than externally, you will find the truth of yourself shimmering inside, embracing everything you thought you were. And as you trust in and surrender to this sense of knowing, inviting it to burn away and transmute that which is false, you will begin to disentangle from the matrix of limitation, separation, and judgement that has created your physical, third dimensional experience.

Sit in silence daily, welcoming the flickering light, noticing the subtleties. Your experiences of peace and expansion will eventually lead to oneness, and will allow you to hold compassion and love for all beings, regardless of the roles in which they appear, for you will recognize each being as an aspect of your greater Self, the One Infinite Creator experiencing Itself in form.

When witnessed by the light, the dark matrix becomes powerless, for it only seemed to control and manipulate when it was believed in as separate and frightening. You are remembering. You ARE this powerful light, the light of the world, the light of the galaxy, the light that shines in and dispels the darkness that was only ever an idea.

Rebecca Porter