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Watch Now: The Most Censored Documentary Of All Time – It’s A Must Watch

The team at Elevate Studios and my friend Mikki Willis have released a new film that incredibly explores the 2020 COVID-19 narrative and brings new light to the discussion. The first film they created featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits was viscously censored and banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19. Now, the new film Plandemic: Indoctornation is available and will explore the lockdown and various interests involved in the mainstream narrative around COVID-19.

What you will see in this film is not going to be featured in mainstream media. It explores evidence and trails that lead to very important questions about the COVID-19 pandemic that simply are not being asked by enough people.

We truly believe this film is one of the most important ever as it has come at a time when humanity is at a critical juncture where we have to decide whether we will stay unaware of what is truly going on in our reality, or begin asking important questions. We simply can no longer trust mainstream media and believe their narratives that all dissenting voices are simply false. To do this would be choosing to be part of the challenges we currently face.

Check out the film and dive into another perspective as to why big tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci all have vested interests in the misleading COVID-19 narrative. We also ask you to please consider donating to support this film as it has been 100% crowd-funded. Their future work can be heavily assisted by supporting their project.

We are incredibly grateful to see such fine work and love put into this film by Mikki and the team at Elevate Studios.