Dianne Robbins Monthly Message: Time is Speeding Up

The Amount of Time You Have in Each Day Is Determined by Your Level of Consciousness

I am Mikos, Guardian of Earth’s Records ~

Today we will speak about Time, the Time warp that envelops Mother Earth. Earth is out of time with the rest of the Universe, in order for her evolutions to learn the lessons of their souls. Time operates differently here on Earth’s surface, for its peoples need to repeat life’s lessons over and over again until they are learned and mastered.

That is why you have the concept of past, present, and future—to give your evolving human species the time they need to learn their lessons and pass the tests necessary for mastery. So Earth time plays an important factor in evolution.

When a planet evolves and is in the Ascended State, there is no more time, for from this higher perspective of consciousness you can see into Eternity—and can feel the oneness of all time simultaneously. You indeed experience your multidimensionality, which is experiencing all states of consciousness and all time and places at once. There are no longer any demarcations or divisions or separateness. All is ONE, and all is simultaneous.

As Earth and all life on her surface evolve in consciousness, time compresses. It becomes less and less, which is a sign that humans are evolving in consciousness. This results In less and less time, until you reach the point in your consciousness when you’re no longer “in” time—you’ve moved out of it into the Ascended State.

As you move higher and higher in your awareness of your self and all of Earth, you will find that the days speed by, even the minutes and hours fly by, and before you know it, morning turns into night before you’ve accomplished even half of what you used to be able to accomplish. Time is actually becoming elusive. You can’t hold onto it any longer. The denser an evolution is, the more time there is, and the days appear longer. The higher the vibration of a species, the shorter the day appears, as they are actually connecting with “Cosmic Consciousness”, which is a state of  multidimensionality where “no time” exists. Everything just “is”.

As time further collapses, you will move into the multidimensionality that you are, and experience “All That Is” profoundly. You will see and feel the Oneness of all Creation, and how all life is intertwined and interconnected. This is what humanity is here to learn. But up until now Earth’s density has been so thick that each person has felt separated and alone, and cut off from others. Each person has felt separated by time and space—which in actuality does not exist. It only exists on “evolving” planets so that its species does not get sidetracked and can focus in on what it came here to do.

Time flow has nothing to do with age. It does not speed up when you are older. It only speeds up when you are wiser and have “grown” in consciousness and wisdom. Therefore, if you equate age with wisdom and illumination, then indeed you could say that as you age, time speeds up. But for those who don’t evolve in consciousness during their life spans, then time seems interminably long and drawn out for them. They could say that “time gets slower” as they get older. So you see, it’s your own perspective, your own rate of evolution that determines time’s length—and determines the length of each of your own days. You all have different day lengths and different amounts of time, determined by your state of consciousness. So as your consciousness expands, your minutes and hours decrease in reverse ratio; until you’re no longer in a time zone, but in an Ascended State of Enlightenment, where there’s no time, no space—only the Oneness of all Creation.

This is what we experience in the Hollow Earth. We feel the ONENESS and ETERNITY of existence. And this Oneness and Eternity is what you are beginning to experience on the surface, in small increments, as the Light of the Creator is pouring onto Earth and causing your consciousness to expand with the illumination of God’s Light.

We don’t feel the “crunch” of time, as you would say. We feel only the Eternal flow of life ebbing through us, which brings us peace and contentment in every “moment” of our day. We don’t even have clocks (as you do and rely upon). We count time in a much different, cosmic way, that’s in synchronicity with the whole cosmos. Because we are part of the cosmos, and function as part of the cosmos, we are on “cosmic time”—which is much different from surface time.

As the Light is rapidly illuminating the Earth, soon your consciousness will reach into cosmic time, and you will find us waiting for you there, which is right here—in the NOW. We wish you a speedy journey in consciousness.  

Copyright © Dianne Robbins