Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, August 28, 2020

Things are beginning to get back to what you call “normal“ but an astonishing amount of changes are underway that look as though they will become permanent. In some respects the lockdown because of Covid has proved to be an ideal opportunity to sit back and question the ways of living that you have taken for granted for so long. Whilst it is true that many changes have been forced upon you, on reflection you are finding that they are proving preferable to the old ways. It is a monumental time when inconveniences apart, it is bringing out into the open the fraility’s of your old ways. The far reaching effects are seeing worldwide changes that all together will lift Humanity up, and prepared for the increase in vibrations that will eventually lead to a new Earth.
The period you are in is the final one following the end of the cycle in 2012 and is a matter of finalising the preparations for the end times. Then there is the inevitable parting of the ways when those who have raised their vibrations will ascend. The journey through many periods of time will have been well worth it if you finally reach the level that you have been working towards. The thought of life without the activities of the dark Ones who have followed a different path, is exciting as at last you can choose your next life within the higher dimensions. It will be so different to what you have been used to, the joy and freedom to go where your interests are best fulfilled, and you continue your evolution.
In spite of the utter confusion and problems upon Earth the future is bright, and will take you into a period of happiness when it will continue to grow and take you to even greater heights. You have earned this opportunity to experience in the higher vibrations, and will find it most satisfying and rewarding. You will soon forget your previous experiences in the last cycle, never again to be repeated. Now your consciousness levels are expanding and you are increasingly becoming more aware and receptive. You will be truly taking your place amongst the many souls from all parts of the Universe and will make many new friends. Keep on your path to Ascension and do not be distracted, as in real terms there is so little time left before it happens. You have done the hard bit by leaving the old cycle behind and entering the higher vibrations.
Soon you will be able to learn of your history and your many lives, and experiences on planets other than Earth. You are in essence already a Galactic Being with so much experience and knowledge of other civilisations. Your time may have felt like the beginning of physical life with its low level vibrations, and seemingly never ending problems yet it has been the ideal playground for you to play out your life plan. You will have made many, many friends during your experiences and those close to you will be waiting anxiously to greet you once again and renew friendships. Be assured that you are revered for your courage and tenacity to take on the challenge of life in the lower dimensions.
You are certainly not the lowly souls you have been led to believe by the dark Ones who have long held you back and kept the truth from you. However, their years of domination by subterfuge and imprisonment have passed, and you are beginning to open up your consciousness to regain your memories of the great Being you really are. You have so to say been through the mill and back again, but know the experiences are not without their value. You are great souls with much to give to upcoming souls who follow in your footsteps and look to you for guidance.
Dear Ones, the truth of your past and your destiny is coming out, and you will be surprised by your experiences and how you have dealt with them. Expect to take great strides forward and set your sights on the best outcome and keep your goal in mind. Never forget help is always around you should you need it and be assured that you are well protected. After all the dark Ones are still around and given the chance would still interfere with your evolution by trying to mislead you. The Light has won the battle with the dark souls who will not admit defeat even although it is staring them in the face. So keep your eyes on your goal and let no one distract you from it and success.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.