A Selection of Teachings from the Ascended Master Saint Germain

10 years ago I began to channel the teachings of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. His presence came as quite a surprise to me, but in those 10 years my clients, students, and myself have benefited greatly from the wisdom of this Ascended Master. I am sharing here a few of his key teachings. It seems only appropriate in this political season to begin with our country.

The Masters cannot tamper with our free will but we can be greatly influenced by them.


Saint Germain was the invisible man helping our founding fathers write the Declaration of Independence. Saint Germain protects and loves America, and over the years has protected our liberties and freedoms. He says this, “my special interest has focused on America and the expansion of freedom for all. I act within the etheric field of the planet in ways I cannot reveal. We are involved to preserve personal freedoms.” He says this about the current election, “it is the unveiling of the truth; the cracking of the egg; exposing truth over power and love over hate.”


On my first meeting with Saint Germain he woke me up with a very loud voice saying, “watch your thoughts, you must learn to understand how powerful they are.” That was the beginning of my work with him, and since that moment I have come to appreciate our thoughts create our reality. We should be very conscious of what we are thinking. We can change our lives in a negative way by always thinking negative thoughts. The reverse is also true.


Saint Germain says we should maintain a healthy body in order for our soul to do its work and fulfill its mission on earth. We are at a disadvantage now in 2020 because the soil does not contain all the essential minerals and nutrients it used to have. He says, “The body was not intended as a vessel for animal meats. The body is a vessel for anything planted in the earth.”

Our Spiritual Journeys

Saint Germain has shared with me the process by which we excel here on the physical earth. We have numerous lifetimes and we are evaluated in these lifetimes as to our genuine love and care for other people, animals and planet earth. We grow from a young soul to an ancient soul through classes which are always on-going when we sleep. We continue these classes between lives. Souls who successfully complete a series of initiations will not be required to return to a physical body unless they choose to.


There is no such thing as death. One of the many lives of St. Germain was as the great bard Shakespeare and of course he wrote the great poem, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Most of you know the rest of the prose by heart. Individuals on a spiritual path are ready to accept that consciousness cannot die; only the physical form is expendable.

The Sun

I will conclude with what Saint Germain says about our beautiful sun. “The sun has great energy and you may feel this physically, but the true power rests in the resonance it has for your soul. It is a universal vibration – a connector with all that there is. Just as you can connect with a person many miles away through your electronic devices, the sun does the same in regard to the great universe. You receive what other souls receive. The energy connects you in shared wisdom. It is a blessing to those who know how to use it.

Jane Halliwell

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