Jesus through John: Highlights from “Awakening to Reality”


by John Smallman

I had an email very recently from someone who has purchased and is reading Jesus' book  Awakening to Reality: A Joy-Filled Book from Jesus, in which he attached some excerpts from the book that he had High Lighted because they resonated so beautifully for him. I thought I would share them with you as I thought some of you might enjoy them.
Blessings, John.

Highlight (Yellow) | Location 816
You know that you did not arise by chance in a lifeless universe – although many still attempt to convince you and themselves that that is indeed the case – and that some amazing and loving Intelligence must have created you. In that you are correct – there are no accidents, coincidences, or chance events – All that exists was created by God in His infinite Love and Wisdom to be eternally alive and fully awake in infinite JOY!

Highlight (Yellow) | Location 836
The tipping point has passed, the human collective has finally chosen to wake up, and, despite the apparent chaos and confusion in myriad human organizations all across the world – national, political, cultural, religious, military, economic, business, and social – your awakening is happening right now!

Highlight (Yellow) | Location 857
The task that each human presently incarnate – every single one of the billions now on Earth – set themselves before taking on form was the most beautiful loving task possible, the task of assisting the human collective to “come of age.” And that task is progressing smoothly, efficiently, and most effectively all across your beautiful planet, right NOW!

Highlight (Yellow) | Location 867
The only real time is this constant moment of now in which everything happens. Now does not change, only your experience of it changes.

Highlight (Pink) | Location 967
Love is like the sun, and fear, judgment, and blame are like dark clouds hiding it from you.

Highlight (Yellow) | Location 1229
But as long as you cling to fear you block your ability to love, and you then worry endlessly about what could happen to those you love, draining your energy and depriving you of the joy of life. If you are honest with yourselves you can see that worrying fearfully does not serve you, that it just fills your mind with worst case scenarios of what might or could happen, but which, in truth, are very unlikely to occur. You have all experienced this, so now is the time to let it go. If and when situations arise that are not to your liking you will be able to deal with them – you do know that because you have been doing it all your life – in the meantime enjoy life knowing that no matter what arises you will be able deal with it, even if you don’t enjoy doing so.
When you let go of fear and worry, and live in the now moment accepting whatever arises – rain when you had hoped to have a picnic; a beautiful sunset that finds you in the most appropriate place from which to observe it; forgetting your spouse’s birthday; receiving an unexpected gift or compliment from a stranger – life will honor you by delighting you in the moment.

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