Creation of 5D New Earth


There comes a time within the great process of Soul evolution within Humanity when one becomes ready for a giant step to raise one’s consciousness into a higher plane.

Over the last two years, the Spiritual Master Quan Yin has introduced some of her students to a series of visions related to the fantastic yet real New World being created within a parallel reality.

Rather than just being positive imaginings, this New World is actually being created step by step as an ongoing construction project.  The 5D New Earth has real life inhabitants who, while certainly being human, are individuals whose lives operate on a very different set of values and beliefs.  Fundamentally, the whole of life expression in this New World is based on love and co-operation – in marked contrast to the conflict-ridden competition for dominance and control within the present conditions on 3D Earth.

The 5D New Earth has come into being through the ideals and dreams of millions of highly evolved Beings, all of whom have had the experience of living on the existing 3D Earth at various times and in a variety of roles.  Coming from a creative brainstorming perspective, this group have gone on to project what they feel could comprise an ideal new planet, for all these different life forms living upon its surface.  They have considered the relationships between the different species and asked whether they need to be in the highly competitive mode so familiar at the current 3D operating status.  How about love-based co-operation instead?

Some would argue that such competition leads to better quality species.  We can’t say that we find this very convincing because, in the very act of competition, the quality of energy expressed is reduced – the sensibilities are directed to how one can prevail over the competitors or opposition, even to the extent of eliminating them altogether.  

This happens in Nature and it happens with human activities replicating what goes on in Nature.  The concept of “The most successful species determines the future course of life on Earth” has only a theoretical value, for it ignores distorted processes and side-effects leftover after the competitive process has taken place.  

This perspective on evolution is not shared by all in the Spiritual Hierarchy but it is the truth and the energy through which the Divine Feminine works.  There’s nothing wrong with having some diversity of views, but it’s important to understand that the creation of the 5D New Earth is happening very much within the philosophy of the Divine Feminine.  This is the power and understanding underlying all the creations on this new venture.  

The most fundamental tenet running through the new creations at the 5D level is that each living Being is going to be aware continuously aware of their immediate environment and surrounds.  In particular, they are aware of how their presence, their existence in that place in that moment affects all the living Beings around them – of whatever species and of whatever level of complexity.

These new humans, animals and birds, as well as with the new species of plants, herbs and trees come with a quite different set of designs.  All these have been greatly expanded in their capability of experiencing energy, which enables them to handle the continual reading and sensing of all the energies around them, without any special effort.

So one of the great needs for individuals making their transfer between the old 3D Earth and the 5D New Earth is this enormous opening up within themselves of this higher level of awareness of what’s going on around them – what other humans and other species are feeling.  This includes an awareness of individual needs so that one can adopt a configuration in which one does not intrude or interfere with what they are all doing — making alterations or adjustments in your own activity to avoid any conflict.

At the 5D level, it is not necessary to go into a “meditative state” as something that’s special and separate from how you normally live your life.  5D consciousness is very much an “eyes open” kind of awareness because, moment by moment, you are already in that expanded mind-state you associate with deep meditation at the 3D level.  In this state of awareness, there is an enormous band-width for the energy flow.  On a continuing basis, this can include a vast amount of information, perceptions and understandings – both transmitted and received.

From a physical perspective, everything at the 5D level is much less dense than the equivalents on our current planet – whether animals, insects, trees, plants soil, rocks etc. An important aspect of this low density is that all physical manifestations are much more flexible and can be readily reshaped or otherwise modified by the projection of waves of energy.

This ability is truly a much sought after opportunity of “mind over matter”, since a focused human mind can not only directly shape their physical environment of home, workplaces, meeting places and landscapes, but can also design and reshape their physical bodies. This is not to satisfy an ongoing cosmetic indulgence, but rather to align the body energetically with life purpose. Any body parts showing signs of “wear and tear” (what might be termed “ageing” in our 3D world) can be renovated to their optimum level of functioning by the powerful and creative use of mind in its life-giving mode.