The Great Awakening - A message from the future

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Light Is pouring on the world right now, the darkness is being exposed for us to see. 

All the feelings are going on right now but know,

The light has already won. 

This year is not something bad that has happened, but something really good to the vibrational asking of so many.

Earth is going through a re-birthing process, we are literally creating a new world.  

So these old paradigms, systems, those 3 dimensional realities are falling apart. 

As humans we are evolving, and we have awakened to the point that it cannot be stopped. 

So what we are experiencing right now is a play out of many different timelines. 

We have people that are awake and know what is going on and just want the process to speed up, and then we have people who are dragging their feet clinging to their comfort zone, no matter how deceiving it may be.

The old systems in government, financial, sick care, big food, and pharma, HAVE to be exposed so that they can be dismantled for new systems to be put into place. 

For those of us who already know, because we've been playing in this arena for a while, it's important to remember to hold space for those who are not yet there. There are going to be people who are not going to embody the bigger picture because they are vibrationally still in alignment with the old system.

The old system supports manipulation, control, and division. When people are programmed to think like victims it's easy to sell them entitlement programs. Your power is easily given up to an outside source.

When we are participating in the lower vibrations such as fear, hate, shame, and division, our mind is constantly contracting and our perception of reality gets smaller so that we are more likely to accept what we are told, fed, shown, and battle those around us because we take things personally. So, people who are thinking differently appear to be a threat, only because in those lower vibrations we are so closed minded. 

When we start to evolve and CHOOSE to challenge our current thought patterns, we ask things like:

  • Am I willing to entertain that the opposite of what I believe, could be true?
  • Does someone gain something through me believing something to be true?
  • Does what I believe, support me in continuing to grow in my self leadership + freedom? Or does it support  a system that is not working?
  • Why does someone that believes the opposite of me, have that belief?
  • What do I notice about the energy or character of those who hold this belief?
When we are able to step back and challenge our own thinking, we enter into expansion.

Remember, Light is information and darkness is the absence of it. 

So as this awakening process happens, hold the light for those who, instead of trying to battle you, will be looking to you for guidance.
When we play a part in the new systems, we come from a place of compassion, love, and freedom- the HIGHEST vibrations. Which is nearly impossible to explain to anyone who has never experienced the source of it within themselves, first. The only way to explain, is to embody it ourselves and lead by example.

As humans we are CREATORS. And, I am someone who does not even bother spending my energy fighting the old or what is happening in this moment. I am an activator, someone who jumps into the future and starts creating and living in the reality that I want before it's the popular thing to do. I show up from that space, and in doing that comes with a lot of backlash and being misunderstood. 

The visionaries, the lightworkers, the awakened, the truth seekers and those that are open, who as a collective bring forth the NEW for humanity. Which is why those of us in that place, are calm during the chaos, we already feel the outcome because we created it.

Because of this, I have let go long ago, the fear of being judged, rejected, and criticized, which holds us in those low vibrations, and stalls us from moving forward with the awakening process. 

Some resist this process to the full degree because they resist the change that needs to occur within themselves, resulting in blaming outside forces for their problems, and giving their power to an outside authority when it comes to finding solutions.

Self advocacy is recognized as unethical from this view point.

Change can be painful, change can be scary. Especially for those who have not already been living in the reality that is coming forth. This is why it is important to hold space for those along the way, compassion and forgiveness are key components.

Ones that are resisting at all measures, are fighting a battle externally that needs to be won within themselves first, in order to see things through a clear perspective free from layers of pain and trauma. The chaos is in invitation to free yourself from the layers.

“There is a lot invested in you not powering up right now. Be a disruptor and do the thing they aren't anticipating you to do." - Ange Peters

Most people can’t even handle the truth that needs to be found within themselves, let alone seek it out in the world...or accept it no matter how obvious.  Which keeps them trapped in the system of lower vibrations.

They keep their narrative alive by continuously trying to drag down people who share light and cause them to question, into their level of thinking and feeling.

This is what sets the truth seekers free from the matrix.

Truth seekers seek to expand while others seek to contract.

They will bring down anyone that disrupts their system internally and the one that supports them externally.

Make sure to observe what is pulling your energy, check in with yourself and settle inward. Observe all outlets and the negative energy you are receiving.  Make sure you're not responding to the type of energy you no longer want to live in. This will get easier to do as you go, as your dominant vibration rises.

There's a huge pull forward when we are tapped into our intuition, and it naturally guides us to truth. And in that space we're able to have the unwavering faith of the world that is being birthed. 

Yes it's uncomfortable in the now, yes it feels incredibly real. But when you are able to look at your current state from a 5th dimensional perception, it's not so real. And it's easy to see the 3D world crumbling. 

Stay focused on being your own leader and accept as much change as you can, cultivate resilience by being open to a higher way of thinking. The faster you shift and open up, the faster you will land in the space of knowing and trust.   
When we operate from our intuition we do not need outside sources to tell us how to think, feel or what to be, do or have. We harness our super power of intuitive knowledge which has been purposely suppressed to fulfill the needs of those who wish to control us through the old system. 

This is why the old system is falling apart.

People who have not yet discovered the light within themselves are having a very hard time believing that there is light in the world right now. There will be those who are still not willing to question anything, especially themselves, and they will continue to align with the lower vibrations. 

No matter how pure, and loving your intentions are by sharing light, some will take it personally. I can promise you debating is not the way to make anything happen, because the argument they are really having is one within themselves, and nothing you say or do is going to solve that. Send them love, and go about your journey, everyone’s wake up call is different. Hold the light.

I'm here to tell you it's going to be ok. There are many pioneers in the new world that are eager to show the way for those who are excited and ready. 

This a message to hold the highest vibrations of love and light, to bring it forth even faster. This is a message from the future.

Ashley Ulizzi