James Gilliland: Message on Elections


While in meditation I was told three things which made no sense.  The first message was Trump wins, the second message was Biden wins, the third message was Trump wins. All I could say was seriously? How can there be three conflicting messages? All the remote viewers were seeing Trump doing the happy dance. It made no sense until now. When I went to bed the polls were closing and Trump had the lead. It looked like it was all sewn up. I was worried considering the what the democrats, deep state and the media would pull in the wee hours of the night. Their future and lives are at stake like a wild animal backed into a corner it’s going to get ugly. I had no expectation of a peaceful transition. Then I woke up and the polls now read Biden ahead????? Mysteriously between 2 and 4 AM truckloads of ballots mysteriously appeared the vast majority were for Biden. This excludes the military vote which is heavy pro Trump. Before I went to bed the Red wave hit pushing Trump far into the lead. Now credible resources are saying State Troopers are finding 40,000 Trump ballots in dumpsters. 138,000 votes suddenly appeared for Biden yet literally zero for Trump? 
Let’s toss a coin and see if you can make it turn up heads 138,000 times. Electronic counts suddenly errored and gave 6,000 votes at a time to Biden, votes designated for Trump. The same flawed electronic voting systems where being used in other states as well. They are saying it was neck to neck? It was nowhere close showing a clear win for Trump when the polls closed.  Certain districts in democrat run states showed a whopping impossible 202% turn out. There were 89,000 absentee ballots turned in, 129,000 counted, guess who the extra 40,000 ballots were for? In one case a Ferrari, a truck and van showed up after the polls closed and pallets of ballots all favoring Biden miraculously appeared and were counted after the deadline. Speaking of deadlines whistle blowers have come forward saying ballots after the deadline where post marked days earlier than they arrived to meet the deadline, orders from high officials in the Post Office. This goes against the supreme court ruling no votes counted after deadline. If all this were not enough dead people were coming out is droves voting. It was like the walking dead rising from the grave and mostly voting for guess who? Biden. Even the Zombies love him. Lets call that one Zombiegate. But wait as if this is not enough there is more. Literally hundreds of thousands of votes maybe millions are counterfeit. Other countries were stuffing the ballot box. The same countries that were stuffing the Biden’s pockets to the tune of 300 million. How can anyone in their right mind considering the bribes and the Hunter lap top in the hands of other countries be lie ve Biden to be a viable uncompromised leader? Do you not think other countries would not use the content on the, “multiple hard drives” of which many copies were made along with other pictures and videos taken in other countries to blackmail?
Before you get depressed or decide to use the tool of choice to enforce your right to vote in a fair and honest election there is a big surprise. I will tell you how this works on two levels. One whenever you lie cheat or steal or harm another it escalates until the eventual mega boomerang comes back and hits you. One lie usually has to be covered up by another bigger lie, the lies grow in size and number exponentially until the whole mountain falls on top of you. This you are going to see in action. On the ground level there is a major sting operation. The real ballots were water marked traceable with block chain technology. In other words, they know where the real ballots are, which ballots were counterfeit and inserted to change the outcome. There will be a fair and just recount which will fair extremely well for Trump. Worst case scenario it will be a do over. There are other outcomes all favoring Trump. Either the recount or the do over will reflect the polls with even better results many of us went to bed with. The red wave happened, it took the dems involved with the election tampering by surprise, they didn’t have enough fake ballots to change the outcome so they had to close the polls and delay the count.  There are boots on the ground as we speak investigating where the ballots came from and who was involved in the election tampering a Federal Offense. This is bigger than Russia Gate, Spygate, all the other gates. Let’s just call it Ballot Gate or Operation Watermark. 
So, what do we know for now. There was extreme fraud, election tampering, acts that clearly fit into the category of conspiring against a duly elected president, sedition and treason. We also know accountability is in the wind one Trump is back in power. BOOM
The major news outlets are also deeply involved in this. They covered up the 300 million in bribes from other countries, the content on Hunters laptop, the content on Weiner’s laptop, the Clinton pay to play, Benghazi mess, the computers, laptops, and cell phones bleachbit, hammered and destroyed under subpoena. Thousands of emails, government files were deleted or stolen by the Clinton team. 
The FBI had all of this information for years some of which would have ended all impeachment proceedings? There has been a hostile transition resulting in several coups against a duly elected president. It has been Donald Trump against the global elite, the CCP Communist China Party, the deep state, the mainstream press and social media. Trump wants to give the power back to the people, restore the Republic, the other group wants total domination, the centralization of power and wealth in the hands of a few billionaire narcissists who want to govern every aspect of your life using double speak, false narratives and freebies.
Now the main stream press are covering up whistle blowers testimony, high level postal workers were also involved changing the post dates of that would otherwise not had made the deadline while at the same time staffers at the polls were inserting the counterfeit ballots in the hundreds of thousands pro Biden and tossing out pro Trump ballots. At least 40,000 ballots marked Trump were found in dumpsters by State Troopers. There are videos of election workers burning Trump ballots surfacing all over Youtube.  They are saying _uck Trump, you gotta do what you gotta do encouraging others to tamper with the election. The lame stream press is now trying to portray Trump as a brutal dictator that won’t leave the White House, using shaming and character assassination to get him to stand down, tail between legs and leave this grave injustice behind. They are using the Marxist playbook accuse others of what you yourself have done or are doing. Me thinks they protest to much. Maybe they should listen to a few of his speeches. If he stays true to heart the people win. They are not after Trump he is just in the way of what the real tyrants and their puppets have planned for the people. Sad thing is a lot of socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired people are participating in their own loss of freedom, enslavement and demise. If you want to know what the higher dimensional beings are saying it’s pretty much what I just told you. Choose Universal Law. It is best understood as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.   
Last but not least we have Mr. Biden himself saying,
“We have put together the most extensive voter fraud system in America.” Joe Biden dementia slip. 
James Gilliland