Twin Flame Ascension Report: Restoration of Atlantis timeline - The light has truly won


Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving humanity. There is so much as ever that we have to speak to you about, but first of all, we would like to take a moment to offer a prayer of sincere gratitude to all of you who have successfully stabilized in 5th dimensional consciousness.
There are absolutely no words that can adequately express how powerful and important it is for the collective to have as many souls stabilized in 5th dimensional consciousness as possible. One soul who has truly arrived at enlightened consciousness offers to the collective, a profound gift of Unwavering groundedness in gods grace and presence, ie stability, And this stability can and must be used by all the other brothers and sisters to activate their own Individuated codes of stability in higher consciousness.
Dearest ones we would like to now take a moment to please remind everyone to turn off the mainstream media. The mainstream media is the enemy of humanity and news channels have been hugely weaponized to cause a massive amount of false programming - deprogramming the beautiful sacred children of God.
Every time you consume mainstream media, you put yourself in the firing line to receive dangerous shots of dark amunition to your beautiful soul. The media is desperately trying to control this ascension process. And what we are experiencing at the moment is truly a war on consciousness. The way that the war on consciousness is won is by you stepping back and turning off all mainstream media.
It is very important that you don't allow yourself to receive one single iota of information from these weaponized news faculties. And alongside with that, we highly recommend that you activate a strong and solid sense of spiritual protection around you during these tumultuous and shifting times.
We highly recommend that you work with the blue cobalt sphere of Archangel, Michael. Just by simply calling and invoking that, you influx your energetic field with powerful Archangel Michael protection. This is highly recommended for all of those on the twin flame path.
The energies now are massively building up to the ascension horizon event of the 21st of December, 2020. And those of us who identify as the 144,000 starseed collective are required to activate many shifts in our own psyches prior to this event.
Therefore I have been guided to facilitate a number of ceremonies up until this event, in order to prepare all the Twin Flame /Starseeds for the brand new geometrical patterning of photonic light particles that will be entering into the Earth's atmosphere at the time of the 21st of December.
Throughout my work of doing thousands of sessions with Twin Flames, almost invariably, the divine feminines come to me with a core issue of abandonment, a very, very deep primal fear of abandonment, and many of the men that I work with come to me with a feeling of profound guilt and shame around their masculinity. In my work, it has become extremely apparent to me that the root of this experience of guilt for the masculine and abandonment for the feminine is directly related to the Split that occurred at the time of Atlantis, when the original 144,000 Twin Flames experienced their first and primary separation from each other.
This separation was so traumatic that it activated a tear or a rip in the etheric fabric of our being. And this could be likened to a splinter which has stayed stuck in place, incarnation after incarnation.
It becomes glaringly apparent after a few moments of meeting these clients that these deep primal fears, are directly related to exactly what occurred at the time of Atlantis. In my sessions, rememberances are activated Reminding us that we are powerful avatar beings and therefore We have a duty and a responsibility to go into These timelines and transform that seperation script in order to restore the timeline of Atlantis so that that traumatic core split Doesn't actually happen.
It is very important now, as we approach this event horizon, that we all come together to hold space for each other, to clear energetically On an individual level and from the collective, the trauma that we all experienced at the time of the fall of Atlantis. Therefore brothers and sisters I have been guided to facilitate a very powerful ceremony on the 11/22/20 portal that will assist all of you who are drawn to these words, to remove very, very deep, traumatic scars that you are carrying in your soul consciousness due to the traumatic separation that occurred at the time of Atlantis between you and your Twin Flame.
In this ceremony, we will go back as a collective and we will rewrite that script of separation, creating a timeline of unity For us all personally and for the entire collective. And please know that as multiple dimensional avatar beings, it is our absolute duty to do this work with the timelines. We are truly multidimensional and we have the power to access all timelines through our intention and attention. And as we apply our consciousness to these particular timelines and recorrect them and rescript them, then we change our whole cellular memory patterning from the core.
Please see below for the full details on how to book onto the 11/22 Atlantis restoration transmission. Suffice to say, it is so important that we come together as a collective to support each other to clear this trauma. And this ceremony will be the most emotional and most powerful ceremony that any of us have ever taken part in.
Brothers and sisters of the light, please hold fast to your faith now. These are the times we incarnated for. This is the event. We are in the preliminary stages of the event. And what is occurring is an enmass wake up call for the general population.
The white hats are in full control and the highest echelons of the deep state monster heads have been cut off at the root. And all that is left are the lower pyramidic monster heads exerting their last bit of illusionary power in order to harvest a minimal amount of loosh for their reptilian masters.
Pay no attention to the external world, which wishes to keep you suppressed and oppressed and out of alignment with your true divinity. Hold fast to the truth of who you are. Remember you are mother, father, God's daughter. You are mother, father, God's son. You are holy in your divine origin.
My prayer is that you remember your inherent divinity and you go forward in service to all your brothers and sisters, remembering that everybody is suffering from PTSD. And for those of us who are awakened, it is our responsibility and duty to make this world more beautiful and bearable for all of our brothers and sisters. May you be inspired to uplift everyone who comes into contact with you today, in love and eternal light,
Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

Please know beloveds that I have now been deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram, and I'm sharing all of my content on Mighty Network. Please come and support me and join my Mighty Network community. I've also been strongly guided to create an event is happening group on Telegram. And I will post the direct link for you to come and join the group. You have to sign up as a member of Telegram in order to join the event is happening group. Thank you so much, brothers and sisters for stepping forward to support me and sharing this important work for the collective. Every time you share these sacred words, you awaken another brother or sister, because these words are encoded with extremely high frequencies and vibrations, which bypass the left brain and go straight to the heart of the truth of the self. So please be generous today and share this sacred report.
The Atlantis restoration timeline transmission
The Atlantis Restoration Timeline Transmission will take place at 9:09 PM, UK time on the 22nd of November, 2020. In this transmission, we will come together to entirely transform, rewrite and restore the trauma that's occurred to all Starseeds at the time of the fall of Atlantis. We will, as a collective, go in to that time through time travel, through quantum time travel, and we will rewrite the script whereby the separation with our divine twin soul does not happen.
Everybody who comes forward to be part of this transmission will receive an extremely powerful sign from the universe to show them that this very, very deep core wound has been cleared. And for many, this is the golden gate that will open the door in order for your divine partnership to anchor on the 3D level, the earthly plain.
We need as many Starseeds as possible showing up for this work on the 22nd of the 11th and everyone who comes forward to be part of this will receive a huge life-changing upgrade experience within their energetic field.
This is truly the most powerful and most important work that I've ever been called to do and this will keep on increasing in intensity as we arrive at the ascension horizon event on the 21st of December, 2020.