Matt Kahn: 11-22 Teaching to Share with You...


Dear Friend,

The light is the space through which infinite possibility occurs. By giving your attention to the space between things, instead of fixating on things in space, the more light you cultivate.

As more light is cultivated, greater possibilities emerge; allowing any side, argument, imbalance, or injustice to be equally healed, as the space between things collectively manifests as the eternal light of all.

This fully realized eternal light is the new consciousness of humanity.

It’s a consciousness that doesn’t have to defeat unconsciousness in order to shine for the equality, liberation, and ascension of all.

Love is the sensation of this new consciousness emerging. If you're not noticing or experiencing this feeling, it doesn’t mean you are left behind. It simply means whatever you are feeling is the next healing taking place to make room for a greater awareness of light...a light that has always existed within and around you, just perhaps obscured by all the things making so much noise and taking up space.

All For Love,