Message from Sirius - 24.11.2020

Dearest Ones there is a calm now before the storm.Be prepared Dear Ones. There is much happening behind the scenes of which you are not being told by your news media. The news as it is being seen is concentrating on how to end the so called pandemic by developing a vaccine that everyone will be asked to take.

A lot of what is happening is a fabrication by a dark agenda who have been controlling the planet Earth for centuries. They know that their controlling time on Earth is up and they can no longer be as they were. Their control is as if were, a push me pull you, agenda. One minute they tell you that you can do this or that and the next you cannot do what you had just looked forward to because of virus numbers being up.

Can you imagine that a vaccine will make any difference to their wanting to take control of you. Their lust for power will never be satisfied. At this celebratory time of Christmas they say that they will give you a few days to celebrate and then they will take it away again. Imagine how they are laughing at you when they see how you comply so easily.

Dear Ones do not be afeared by all these goings on. You are the ones who are in the KNOW so to speak. You are the POWERFUL ones. The ASCENSION from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above is taking place NOW and you are a part of it. More humans are waking up as we speak. You are SOVEREIGN beings and as such you can MANIFEST that wonderful world that you all so desire. No one and nothing can control your SOUL.

These dark forces have had their day so to speak and cannot and will not be able to ASCEND to the 5th Dimension in the form that they have been. They will either TRANSFORM or leave. Have no doubts about that. This is actually what is happening behind the scenes Dear Ones. Sadly there have and will be many who are passing to a new dimension to learn and grow. Be prepared for this Dear Ones.

Do not be concerned for your own dear families and friends for many will be awakening soon as they too realise what is happening. It is not for nothing that you have been speaking to them about what is taking place behind the scenes. You may have thought that they did not listen but their souls will always listen. When a seed is planted a flower will grow. You will not be the only one to help them AWAKEN. Let them find out for themselves now as your job is done and others can now take over from you. Remember even though you felt as if you were the only one in your own family groups that is by no means an accident. You may be the only WAY SHOWER in that group and you will have done their souls a great service by being so.

Come together now in your spiritual groups to overcome these dark forces who so desire to control you. Some of you will be guided to demonstrate physically, others will be writing their own alternative news, others will be talking to their friends and families who in turn will be talking to others and so the REAL news is spread. However do not forget as SOVEREIGN beings that you have this amazing power within you to CREATE and MANIFEST dear ones.

All of this talk about Vaccines and when the crisis can end is but a distraction from your work as WAYSHOWERS. YOU came here to help the Planet to ASCEND to a new way of being. Do not be distracted from this MISSION.

Meditating on a New World of PEACE, LOVE and JOY will bring it about Dear Ones. As always let go of the fear that the media is trying to spread. Do not fear words, Dear Ones they have no power over you. The HOPE that the new vaccine, which many of you are concerned about is actually a good thing for within that HOPE many will awaken.

Do not be concerned about these vaccines being made mandatory, this is just another fear with which they are trying to control you. You all have FREE WILL, BELIEVE, this and it will not happen. As to worrying about families it is all in the POWER of THOUGHT. Much of the so called damaging effects of any outside interference can be neutralised by your own thoughts of LOVE. You can all help those who do take vaccines by sending them your LOVE. This may seem simplistic to you but LOVE is such a powerful force and must not be discounted dear ones.

LOVE is what is needed to manifest the NEW EARTH and it WILL HAPPEN. When it will happen is up to you. Work with GAIA now to TRANSFORM your old outdated Earth to a new wonderful way of being. Go out into NATURE and listen to the birds and watch the animals. They know nothing of what you are going through. Tend to your plants and the land around you. Be at one with GAIA and she will help you.

You can also help GAIA to mitigate any damage that has been done to her for years. Be prepared for her to react with strange weather systems such as strong wind and rain formations, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and the like as she too goes through her own ASCENSION. However she knows who are her friends and she will be able to warn your soul of these as they happen.

Many GUIDES, ANGELS, STAR BEINGS and other CREATURES from many different dimensions are coming close to help you now. Call on them in your meditations to manifest the New Earth. These are exciting times dear ones and you all came here to help. Do not give up now. Meditate with them to MANIFEST that new Earth that you all so desire. You are the SOVEREIGN beings who will change the Earth. TRUST and BELIEVE and it WILL happen.

We send you much LOVE and MANY BLESSINGS.


Thea Grace, Sirius. 24.11.2020