Keep Your Vibe High

The point is we really need to focus on keeping ourselves vibrating high, which means giving off positive vibes (love) to the universe so that our world can heal. We need to remember to not be so angered, frustrated, tense, regretful, unforgiving. We need to lighten up and be more forgiving, compassionate, loving, kind, grateful, understanding of each other.
When we each focus on staying in line with our truth, when we each focus on ourselves and what we're giving off to our world with our personal vibe, the vibration of the entire planet will heighten which will create a shift that will move things in the right direction. This will directly influence the 2% that are ruling us now. We are many. They are few. The more of us on board with emanating our best self, the sooner we can get our planet back on track. This will create an entire collaboration of healing for our planet. 
As our planet is shifting into higher gear, as more and more are understanding deeper truths, understanding ourselves better (doing more spiritual work like meditating, yoga, reading inspiring material, listening to spiritual teachers) and the power that we have, more and more darkness will be uplifted (all the lies that we've been told, all the mind games that they've been playing, all the brainwashing that they've done) Everything is starting to come up to the surface and more and more is being revealed. People are finally starting to wake up to the truth that is before us now. And so, we are questioning and not being so trusting, and making different, more educated choices now, choices that are more in line with our truth, as the divine beings that we are. 
There will be a lot of darkness, caused by us humans as well as environmental disasters, as our planet is shifting. Old energies are being replaced with new. There will be a lot of chaos, hostility, uncertainty, war, etc. without a doubt. Be prepared! But have faith and trust there is a greater plan. Our future is bright. What we truly want is unity, peace and harmony and this is where we are heading, and this will happen in this decade if not sooner. There is great hope! 
Be a part of the positive change that is happening now. Work on yourself to exemplify your best self. Understand the concept of unity. There is no separation between us. Each one of us greatly influences the whole. The sooner we understand the unity of all in existence, the sooner we can heal ourselves and our world. Our world is yearning for more LOVE and it is in this vibration that we can attain this.  

Love and light ~ Joanna Alexopoulos