Dearest Ones this time on your Earth is truly momentous. Look within to find the Truth of this. You all came here to witness the change that is happening on Earth at this time of 2020/2021 and beyond. Much has changed in your world in this 2020 year and we want to encourage you that this change is for the better. Those of you who are connecting with the higher realms are already beginning to see this change. Be not discouraged Dear Ones ALL IS WELL.

Whatever you see to the contrary in the outer world, your inner world IS changing. Every single soul incarnated on planet Earth at this time, is transforming from a carbon based body to a crystalline form. Gaia has always been a crystalline entity but humans have not always been kind to her. As humans change their structure to align with Gaia, ALL will wake up to the fact that she is a living, breathing entity and will realise the need to look after her. Then, their kindness will know no bounds. The past will be forgotten as she is given the respect by humans that she truly deserves.

New technologies will be found to help her recover from the damage that humans have done to her. Using her for energies which have destroyed her from within will be no more. She will show you other renewable forms which have been hidden from view by the darker entities who have been controlling you.

As you all move into the 5th Dimension these darker entities will have no place on Gaia and will move to other Dimensions to learn and grow. These elements who have been seeking to control you are just a small minority. It is TIME now for everyone to WAKE UP to this Truth. Have no Fear for those who have been asleep WILL awaken. Those who have been under this control and are still asleep will soon be seeing for themselves what has been happening for centuries of your Earth Time.

Dear Ones those of you who have been patiently waiting for your friends and family to WAKE UP will soon begin to see signs of this. Continue to SHINE your LIGHT on them. Many of you may well have felt alone, ignored or even ridiculed in the past but you have held firm to your beliefs. Trust your beliefs Dear Ones for your time is here NOW. Those of you who are already in the LIGHT will be much needed as others awaken from their slumbers.

Yours has been a long, slow awakening, however for those awakening NOW it will be a sharp and sometimes unpleasant one as they realise how much they have been fooled by the dark side. There may be much disbelief, sadness and anger but those of you in the LIGHT will be able to soothe these emotions.

The darker elements are falling now like dominoes as the Truth comes to LIGHT. Have no Fear of the darker words being spoken and the restrictions that are still being heaped upon you. These are the last vestiges of control by the dark as they see the LIGHT. They are the ones in Fear now. They cannot hide from the LIGHT. There is nowhere for them to hide now for the LIGHT is too strong for them. They will either Transform or leave the planet.

In Truth your Spirit is and always has been FREE to roam. Cultivate the qualities of LOVE, FREEDOM, KINDNESS and COMPASSION which will be very much needed at this time. Forgive those who did not listen to you and forgive those who did not Love you and have done you wrong. Have compassion for them for you have the higher ground Dear Ones.

We salute those of you who have been waiting patiently for this Time to come. Your patience will be rewarded. Have no Fear, THE TIME IS NOW. Sit back now and Enjoy the process as you begin to see the evidence of a New Loving, Compassionate, Free World coming into being.


We send you much LOVE and BLESSINGS


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius. 19.12.2020