A Message from the Divine Angels of Sirius

The Divine being called GOD or THE ONE knows every single one of you. YOU are all God's children and as such he has you all in his hands. He holds you and protects you from the chaos that is happening on GAIA today. As She reaches the Tipping point after the Winter Solstice of 21.12.2020 she is being surrounded in a Brilliant bubble of a Sparkling Pink, LOVING LIGHT. Imagine this as you sit in his hands.

Watch as God blows away all of the masks, vaccines and dark materials which are harming the planet at this time. Imagine that the dark entities, which have been trying to control you, have no power over you now as you rest in his arms. They are being blinded by this LIGHT, and cannot see their way forward. They are running around causing the chaos that you see today. Imagine all of these dark entities and dark materials finally being shot out of the Earth's atmosphere and landing on Jupiter as she conjoins with Saturn. Jupiter now takes them away leaving Saturn in her wake.

This Time on Earth has indeed been likened to the Time when Jeshua came to Earth and the wise men followed the Star to his place of birth. You all may feel as if nothing is happening but do not despair Dear Ones, when Jeshua was born only a few would have known of his birth. The Star then, heralded an amazing Transformation on the planet and a religion called Christianity was born which has survived unto this Time. A religion which had LOVE for all men as it's main theme.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjoint is also heralding a new Age of LOVE and KINDNESS to all men. As you go about your daily business you may not realise any change taking place. However Dear Ones YOU are changing from within and YOU are now THE LIGHT. YOU are the CHRISTED ONES and as such YOU have the POWER now.

Do not diminish yourselves and stand under others. Rise up and take control of your own selves. Imagine holding the hand of every single person on GAIA today and surround her in a human chain of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING. Pick up anyone who has fallen by the wayside and hold them in your arms until they are strong enough to stand up themselves.

LOVE everyone as you would LOVE yourself. It is no accident that the Jupiter/Saturn conjoint is happening at your CHRISTMAS TIDE. Many of the Earth's inhabitants are celebrating a time of PEACE to all men. Do not let the Dark spoil this time for you. If you cannot be with your own dear friends and families hold them in your HEARTS and they will feel the LOVE. If you find yourself on your own, reach out to others who are also on their own.

There will soon come a time when you can all be together again, with your friends and families, but in the mean time surround them all in a BUBBLE of LIGHT as if it were Pink Champagne. Imagine the bubbles rising up inside all of you and clearing away the last vestiges of the dark.

Imagine yourselves as EARTH ANGELS now. Each human soul is on his/her own journey and as such you cannot interfere with this journey unless asked. Uplift your own selves and stay uplifted in the LIGHT, even whilst others continue to scramble around in the dark. Those who are still seeing the dark will also see the LIGHT in time and may well come to you for guidance. Until that time BE your own sweet selves and SHINE in your own LIGHT. This is what will help others to find their own way out of the dark and into the LIGHT.

We wish you all that you would wish for yourselves Dear Ones and know that these wishes WILL come true. TRUST and BELIEVE and ALL WILL be WELL.

A Happy CHRIST MASS to you all and a BLESSED NEW YEAR of 2021.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 22.12.2020