The Final Wakeup Call: Is COVID Lockdown Necessary?


No need wearing a mask

The press and the health-authorities try to pretend that there is a battle going on between the mask-wearing “science” of Dr Fauci and the unmasked politics of Donald Trump. But where is the science? Is there evidence that a non-mask-wearing society will be worse off than one where masks are obligatory? It doesn’t exist. Some places require face masks; some don’t. Some people wear them; some don’t. Even the World Health Organisation now disputes the need for masks. Here’s its new guideline:
If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19.
The MSM will keep pushing their global Corona Virus – Covid-19 Pandemic fear informational war until 2030. Trump and the Alliance have turned the pandemic on its head and are using it against the Deep State as cover for ongoing weakness of the central bank money system that has run its time, and urgently needs replacement before it falls apart. The lack of a third world war, has brought the Deep State banking cartel in deep trouble for continued control over the central bank economy that also is falling apart.
But, the Deep State will fight to the bitter end. They will stop at nothing in order to regain full control. Nonetheless, everything necessary is now undertaken to avoid the Deep State would get in the way of the upcoming RV to all recipient accounts.
A worldwide military operation against the Deep State is underway. It has been involved in subterranean tunnel warfare, arresting Deep State rats and rescuing over 50.000 trafficked children and women victims.
Nevertheless, the fight against Corona virus is the threat that will turn out to be hugely over-hyped. Just another phony war, being a motive for more money printing. And like so many wars over the last 100 years, this one is phony too. It is just a smokescreen for the insiders to shift more power and wealth to themselves.
Luckily; More and more people are waking up to the fact that the coronavirus is being used to curtail freedoms around the world. It is totally fake phony and false; doctors have been ordered by their government to label all deaths as coming from the “coronavirus.” All hospital personal had to sign under penalty of dismissal a non disclosure agreement to not speaking about patient occupancy.

This has happened with all wars, WWI. WWII, Vietnam. Korea, Iraq, Syria. Drugs, Poverty, Terrorism. – Now, it is a war against a molecule. Here’s how it works; First, both the press and the government hype up the threat. The mob becomes hysterical. It hears, shocking tales of how evil the enemy is. None of it was true.
The Rothschild central banks lock down the economy, resulting in declining output. But. they also increase the supply of printing-press money. More money, fewer goods and services. That sounds like, Inflation!
Think about, the MSM and your Government are the liars and deceivers, please Wake Up and join the patriots to liberate ourselves from the centuries-long enslavement. Ask yourself; What makes the coronavirus so special?
To wrap up; the coronavirus is fake. Though, the simultaneous 5G electromagnetic attacks are the real threat. With any luck, the patriots and we the people are able to deal with this danger soon. For those of you who still do not understand the 5G-threat; which is not “fake news,” read these three articles and you understand what it is all about.
People have lost their Courage, Faith and Mind

Look around you. Have you ever seen so many fearful people? People who have lost courage, lost faith, and lost their minds. They are willing to be inspected every time they get on an airplane, as protection against the almost negligible chance that someone will want to blow it up. Even young, healthy people are willing to submit to house arrest, rather than face the risk of getting sick.
So are many more of them afraid that the “planet is angry” and that it will be consumed by the fires of Hell unless we stop using fossil fuels?
Do civilized adults need the government to tell them how to protect themselves from a virus? Even, The New York Times reluctantly admits that they don’t:
Vilified Early Over Lax Virus Strategy, Sweden Seems to Have Scourge Controlled
Sweden let people decide for themselves. Those who were afraid of the virus could stay at home. Those who were not could go about their business.
Most of the world civilisations; meanwhile, panicked, shutting down large parts of the economy, second-quarter GDP fell on average 30%! Although, the overall death rate for most countries was about the same. And now, Sweden appears to be way ahead of the game, with very few new cases.
Protection comes at a cost. The cost of the Deep State’s “war against terror,” according to Brown University, totals to more than US$6 trillion, 800,000 dead, and 37 million displaced.
Their heavy-handed attempts to hold off the virus crippled the economy, and resulted in collateral damage – depression, suicide, hold back careers, etc. – which will be calculated later.
The more important question should be; what is the cost of protecting us against the financial future. That is where the real risk lies. Having bent and distorted the economy for its own benefit, the elite now faces reckoning.
In an effort to protect itself from the risks of old age, it has promised itself health and pension benefits, unfunded, for an amount over $200 trillion. It would be impossible to keep up with those obligations, even with a healthy economy.
The cost of lockdown

New data shows that during the COVID-19 crisis, adults have sharply increased their consumption of alcohol, drinking on more days per month, and to greater excess. Heavy drinking among women especially has soared.
“The magnitude of these increases is striking,” Concluded Michael Pollard, lead author of the study and a sociologist at RAND.
“People’s depression increases, anxiety increases, as alcohol use is often a way to cope with these feelings. But depression and anxiety are also the outcome of drinking; it’s this feedback loop where it just exacerbates the problem that it’s trying to address.”
The bills will continue to trickle in for years. Jobs lost. Companies bankrupted. Careers and families stifled and stunted. Here’s Bloomberg:
American Airlines Group Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. will start laying off thousands of employees as scheduled, spurning Treasury Secretary Steven Munching’s appeal for a delay as he negotiates with Congress over an economic relief plan that includes payroll support for U.S. carriers.
American is furloughing 19,000, while United is laying off about 13,000.
Elsewhere reports Bloomberg:
Tens of thousands of job cuts announced by blue-chip companies in a 24-hour period are a warning sign for the world’s recovery and emerge just ahead of two key reports forecast to show limited progress in the U.S. labour market.
In one of the biggest layoff announcements since the pandemic caused widespread economic shutdowns, Walt Disney Co. said that it’s slashing 28,000 workers in its slumping U.S. resort business. In the hours that followed, the pace of job cuts at some of the world’s biggest companies – across a range of industries from energy to finance – quickened.
A few days later, Allstate Corp., the fourth-largest car insurer in the U.S., said it will cut 3,800 jobs, roughly 8% of its workforce. – Bloomberg also reported that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. plans to cut roughly 400 jobs after temporarily suspending job reductions at the beginning of the crisis.
When the figures are eventually added up, they will show that the industry paid a very high price – for nothing. Different countries and different states tried different techniques to control the spread of the coronavirus, from strict lockdown to a loose policy like in Sweden.
The US and the EU, with the most sophisticated and expensive medical care in the world, have had more deaths than any other nation. While, some areas had almost none at all. Confirmed in Africa, with minimal medical services, has had relatively few.
This shows, it doesn’t matter what governments do. The virus has a mind of its own.
Payoff from Lock Down and Quarantine

The puzzling question is; If the payoff from Lock Down and Quarantine policies was so uncertain, why do it? Old people are about 1,000 times more at risk from the virus than young people, and seniors are 10 times more likely to die from something other than the coronavirus. Why not just advise them to lay low?
Why inconvenience millions of young people for the convenience of a few old ones? Why make millions fearful, when only 10% of the populace has much to worry about? Similar question could be asked about a lot of other things. Why are so many regulations set up that way? Each new rule sends whole nations into hysteria; many suffer as only a few benefit.
A few examples show; The War on Terror benefited a few military /industrial /consulting companies; it cost society US$6.4 trillion. The anti-racism industry makes billions; it puts everyone else at each other’s throats. Likewise, the poverty fighters have been gaining wealth and status on the front lines of the War on Poverty; poor people are just as poor as ever. The government’s medical care giveaways are designed, chiefly, for old people; the young pay.
The fake-money/fake-interest-rate policies have shifted tens of trillions to the richest people on Earth over the last 30 years; the poor and middle classes got nothing. And now, an aged elite controls countries, businesses, armed forces, its money and its government.
Donald Trump is 74. Joe Biden is 77. Nancy Pelosi is 80. Mitch McConnell is 78. Jerome Powell is 67. Anthony Fauci is 79. – Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, and Fauci have been in government for a combined 185 years. Naturally, they arranged the conditions to suit them.
Change is coming

And what suited them all was a fake, phony and false, modern suppression – heavily directed against President Trump, with many insinuating accusations that never came true.

That’s why the subject never came up in the presidential debate. Left and right may disagree on details: Like, Who’s more corrupt? Who’s more dangerous, Antifa or BLM? There is one thing they agree on completely that it is never even mentioned; the biggest threat to most people, remains the money system, that allow them to steal the wealth of the people. Whatever else may happen, nothing can be allowed to interfere with it. The nonsense must continue at all cost. Not, since the French Revolution has there been an elite so desperate to hold on to its privileges.
Soon, people will witness the confirmation of Donald Trump’s decisive victory as result of the current U.S. presidential election, that among others will end the program for forced vaccination.
Nonetheless, as a victory for the patriots is gaining ground rapidly, the battle will rage on as the Deep State swamp creatures are fighting to the death knowing they are doomed.
The way the federal government can kill death row prisoners will soon be expanded to ghoulish methods that include hanging, the electric chair, gas chamber and the firing squad.
Set to take effect on Christmas Eve, the new regulations authorising an alternative to lethal injections – the method currently used in federal executions – were announced by the Justice Department on Nov. 27.
Hanging was the execution method of choice throughout most of history, and it was used in America’s last public execution in 1936, when Rainey Bethea was put to death in Owensboro, Kentucky. When done correctly, the noose killed by severing the spinal column, causing near instantaneous death.
All people are urged to stand up and fight for their country and their civilisation. To take back both. None of the criminals should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted. Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly. Real freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the Deep State swamps around the world. Our revolution has now begun and will continue until the truth, our true freedom and free markets are established! We will build on completely new foundations to establish a people economy and innovative self-governing community structures together with fellow citizens.

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