THE GATEWAY TO SIRIUS: Challenging Times - 23.12.2020

Dearest Ones these are challenging times on your planet as you move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and beyond and humans start to awaken from a dark agenda that has been controlling them for eons.

We wanted to urge you all to use your own INTUITION at this time and to DISCERN every piece of information that you are being told, are reading or hearing in your Main and Social media. We have to say that even some so called Lightworkers' information is not quite as pure as you might have thought.

Now is the Time to go within and use your own INNER TUITION to validate any information that is coming to LIGHT. As you clear away the darkness from your own lives and become clearer you may begin to find that what you might have believed a few years ago as the TRUTH, is coming back to you now as a Lie. Do not berate yourself if this happens to you. You are human and are here to learn and grow. Take this as another challenge to surmount.

When you are reading any information it is important to use your own MINDS' INTUITION but also to look into your HEART to FEEL whether what you are being told is your TRUTH. Use all of your senses, learn to use this skill and you will just KNOW.

The Truth is a variable and is not always quite as black and white as you might have been led to believe. This is a strange concept for humans to understand but your own Truth might not be the same Truth as anothers. Do not argue about this with each other, for this is another distraction from the LIGHT. You are all ONE and eventually you will all come to an understanding of the real TRUTH but until that time learn to agree to disagree with each other. Do not be divided by this. There will always be something that you can agree on.

Even though the dark agenda are no more a majority force controlling you, there are still pockets of dark entities who have infiltrated what you consider to be good works. We talk now of some of the so called charitable organisations which have become large conglomerates. In your country of the UK, charity has become a big business and not all of your hard earned money is going to the source of where you thought it was going. Indeed some of it is being siphoned into the dark agenda's own personal pockets.

Again we say to you, DISCERN this for yourselves, and maybe use some of your smaller local charities where you can actually see your money doing some good. Do not be too concerned about this for it is changing but do be aware.

Now is the time to be much more aware of where your money is going in all aspects of your human life. Much information is coming out now about the larger corporations such as Big Pharma, large manufacturers, retail and food companies. We advise you now to look to the smaller more independent retailers when you spend your hard earned cash. The larger companies do not always have a dark agenda but it is Time now for you all to do your own research as to who owns these companies and where their money is being spent.

In this year of 2020 many smaller companies have indeed gone out of business in your country but it is not too late to save others. Life in this new Age of Aquarius is going to be very different for all of you as you come together in your smaller communities. You are at the forefront of a healthier, kinder and more eco-friendly time. You will be the leaders of this change as large darker corporations start to crumble and the power of large Governments are devolved to smaller communities. In a sense this will be like going backwards to the young who have known no other world.

However this will be a good change as the young become more respectful of the knowledge that their elders can impart to them in this New Age of yours. In ancient times and indeed in some indigenous cultures today the elders are much respected and this is being seen more now in other communities, as you all begin to evolve.

Dear Ones these are indeed challenging Times but also very exciting Times for you all. You may have had to hide your LIGHT for many years but it is TIME now for you to come out of the shadows and out into the open to lead this Brave New world of yours. You are the new leaders Dear Ones and as such the world is your oyster. Use your intuition well and Manifest that New world that you all so desire.

Talk to us in your meditations and we can help you for we too have gone through our own Ascension process. We can help but we cannot interfere.

Your own intuition is becoming ever more stronger now as you move into the 5th Dimension. You too can channel the information that this Dear One channels.

Call on us and we can help and support you but most importantly we ask you to DISCERN everything, even our own words and use your own INTUITION.

We look forward to helping you DREAM this New World into existence.

We are Sirius and we send you much Love and many Blessings.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius - 23.12.2020