A message from Archangel Michael - 27.12.2020

My dear Legions of Light

Have no Fear. All is well. Do no fear the virus. Bless the virus. It has brought humanity together in a way nothing else could. It has brought together those who would hate each other in a fight against a so called common enemy. In truth this virus is not your enemy. Bless it for it has done a great job in waking humanity from its slumber. When it has done so it will fade away as quickly as it came.

Fear is the antithesis of Love and it is time now to Love this virus for all that it has done for you. The virus was not either good or evil, it just wanted to live as you all do. It will fade away and exist in another realm, having done its job well. It leaves in its wake a new world. A world of togetherness in finding, new health treatments, new energies, new technologies and new harmonious ways of being which have been hidden from the human race for eons.

Many of you have joined with me in my fight against evil and the devil. I have always won in our battles together but now the war is won and he is at my feet. My dearest ones it is time now for you all to manifest all that you so desire in this New Brave World. Dismiss all fears that you have, listen not to the nay sayers and doom mongers. If they do not believe your positive words of encouragement, talk to their soul. Their soul is always listening.

Thoughts are powerful things, so keep your thoughts healthy. There is no further need for a physical fight now. The new way to help others is to just be you and inspire them with your actions of Love. Continue to Love others as you would Love yourself. Forgive them if they rail against you. Agree to disagree and find your connections instead of your differences.

There are many people still living in a fear, which has been orchestrated by the dark side for so long and they may take a little longer to wake up from their slumber. They fear illness, they fear a lack of money, they fear a lack of food and water but most important of all they fear a lack of Love. All of these fears are just illusionary. In truth there is enough good health, money, food, water and of course Love to go around the world in abundance.

Trust and Believe in an abundant Universe in all ways and you will never be in lack.

My message to you before this most magnificent New Year of 2021 and the New Age of Aquarius that has been born, is for you all to Manifest for yourselves what you would like for the good of yourselves and in doing so for all of those around you and the world.

Peace and Goodwill to all men, women and children, not just at this Christmas time, but for all to enjoy in your new glorious future.

I am enormously proud of all of my Legions of Light.

We carry on with the good work, Dear Ones.

The Light has won.

Blessings and Love Dear Ones.

I am Archangel Michael and I am with you all.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius - 27.12.2020