The Second Revolutionary War will be Revealed for all to See!


By Mark Baughman on January 10, 2021

The Storm is upon us, dear Americans and Patriots worldwide brace yourself and have faith. The Great Awakening for the public is at hand. President Trump, the Q Team, military and especially our great military Special Operation are in control. Let us call it “Thor’s Hammer” of justice that is coming, as the picture above portrays. The [D]eep State players have all revealed their hands, to which side they are on, and Justice will rain around their whole corrupt organization worldwide. They have jumped in the dark hole of justice into the greatest sting in history. Those who do not know, the sting was to allow voter fraud to happen, so we can arrest all the players for high treason, even the voter precinct level. This has been going on from the Eisenhower Administration and for the last twenty-five years; all elections worldwide where fraud was committed by the Dominion computer software that the corrupt CIA invented. Therefore, all the leaders were NOT chosen by the People, it was chosen by the [D]eep State controllers. This is from high level intelligence in the military.

Come on, the nit-wits even used placing cardboard to cover the windows of the counting of the votes in a Democracy; of supposing free, open, and fair elections. But that was not the worse, by far, the extremely high crimes of treason, and foreign interference of the election, the Dominion computers that were really switching votes from overseas servers in Frankfort and other locations. Now to find out, the last piece of the puzzle was the Vatican leased satellites from NATO and an American ally, the Italian government. These were used to switch votes and to pay off the [D]eep State players, and to fund the operations. I have learned that most of the [D]eep State players had their bank accounts frozen, so the last piece of the puzzle; where in the hell were, they all getting funded for operations? Our high-tech NSA (National Security Agency) and the President's inner-circle were watching the voting fraud take place in real-time in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility). ALL was recorded for military tribunals in the future. They watched the votes get switched in real-time too. You have to understand, President Trump has to wait until all the “chips were on the table” and he knows where everyone's loyalties are. This meant waiting until the final vote for the electoral college and even if Vice-President Pence was loyal to the President. Then, on January 6, 2021, Vice-President Pence committed high treason and from Juan O’Savin, like many others have stated from research, that “Pence could have used his power to select or reject electoral votes at his will”. Pence could have chosen the electoral votes for Trump from the seven contested states that made clear voter fraud happened. Even the states Governors who signed the states voter certification knowing that there was massive voter fraud have committed high-treason and therefore signed their own “Death Warrants”. This would have been enough electoral votes to give the rightful winner on January 6, 2021 if Pence would have chosen the right electoral college votes. I was told on a conference call that Pence had his life and his family life threatened, that is why he did NOT do the right thing. This is why he betrayed his duty. I am sure this will not stop him from being charged, even if he is a clone, but from the decision he made and he could have saved the country in front of the camera. President Trump who we know won by 80.4% of the real vote, also monitored by the QVS (Quantum Voting System).

Do they really think they can get away with this stuff forever? President Trump has the balls to stop this here and now. The line in the sand is here and now! We cannot allow these paid off traitors and criminals to take over our government. It has to stop and now! The insiders like Juan O’Savin have stated this. You're either on the side of good or you are on the side of evil, just like I stated on my last article, there is NO compliancy, like in Congress, if your voted to certify the voter fraud at any level or help in the modification obstruct the observing of counting of votes, you are screwed! I am only telling the truth now, so maybe will your ass be saved. Step forward now, or we have wonderful prisons now in Greenland, Alaska, and Iceland, that from what I am told fourteen floors deep, and near the Arctic Circle. This is great to get sun tan off the reflection off the ice and snow! No chance of escape, or be a frozen popsicle forever. I do not feel sorry for anyone who ends up there.

This is the darkest hour before dawn! It looks like President Trump is defeated, but it only appears that way. When you have major Fake Main Stream Media; that do anything they can to use a negative scenario against him, they will pound him into the ground. This is the same as right after he won the election, the fake affairs he had, the Russian Hoax that did wake up many Americans and people abroad that President Trump was a great patriot and really cared for “The People”. Look at his accomplishments, just on peace treaties. One with North Korea and stopped any missile testing. Also, a great treaty between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, and was called the deal of the century! Trump has pulled American troops back to the United States from all over, and has not escalated any aggression worldwide. How can we say that to any [d]eep state puppet President?

Our military is in full control, the [D]eep State players have lost. On both sides all the “Chips on the table that really count” and the [D]eep State can only throw mud at President Trump and the Patriots on fake Stream Media. Our military has started and made many arrests in the background. Charlie Ward says there are 2,000 arrests a day. Our military is in full control over this coup d’état from foreign governments like the bad government of Britain especially MI6. The French, some in Canada, the Italian government, and the Vatican and it is known The CCP (Chinese Communists Party) are a major part of this too. This is really NOT political, or through Judicial channels, this is just to asset in the final takeover. This is an attempt to completely take over the American government. This is an “Act of War” and the American sovereignty is clearly at stake! Military Intelligence has uncovered a plot to take over the United States, the latest information from Lin Wood. There is where the American military comes in, and has too, above all departments in the government; “is sworn to fight against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Since President Trump and the Patriots had to bypass the corrupt Judicial system, the DOJ, FBI, CIA and clearly goes on the backs of the military, as the last line of defense. This includes arrests and military tribunals, to bypass the civilian courts of justice.

This will test many Americans, but there is no better time in history when about 77 million Americans voted for President Trump in the November 3, 2020 election. This will go public and it appears As Juan O’Savin has stated, “this is the RIGHT TIME in history to completely rid all these entities in one swoop of American’s and the Alliance’s military might.”

I learned yesterday that President Trump did invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, a federal law where the President can deploy U.S. troops and National Guard in America to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.

Now, let us go over the January 6, 2021 breach of the capitol building. Most have learned already, that NO real Trump supporter forced their way in, broke anything or committed crimes. They were peaceful. This is a normal “False-Flag” event of the [D]eep State playbook, create a fake riot at the right time, blame it on the good side and have Fake Stream Media turn a lie into the truth, by saying it over and over again. This is the same as the fake C19 virus, that is no more than the flu. It is like the False-Flag attacks “Gulf of Tonkin” that started the Vietnam war, the 9/11 attack that was orchestrated by the both Bush’s, the CIA and the Mossad to start the fake “War of Terror” that cost America almost six trillion dollars. If you want to know this was a normal Nazi tactic, go back to “Operation Canned Goods” that was a false-flag attack on Poland done by German Troops to create an appearance of Polish aggression, and is what started World War II. Germany General Hermann Goering confessed to this at the Nuremberg trials after World War II.

Back to what happened on January 6th, there were Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters with their hats on “backwards”. This was the intel I received on January 5th, 2021. This was a planned event to disrupt the Congressional proceedings by Antifa, who are just minions of the [D]eep State doing their false-flag event. Most people saw the videos of the Congressional police moving the barricades and allowing the protesters to the door and the campus police ran away, once the breech of the doors. The damage both inside and outside, and even the horned hatted bare-chested guy who breached the Congress Chambers, was Jake Angeli, who is a leftist agent provocateur and who had taken part in BLM march months earlier. This tells you a lot, that it is the same paid actors, or activists over and over again. The woman who was shot and died appears to be a patriot. It is a shame that that would happen. From my sources, many patriots were there at the Trump rally, and wanted to save America from this coup, it appears she was one of them. But there were Special Operation military dressed up as Trump supporters too. The Alliance knew of the [D]eep State’s plan, and were there to grab the Congressional traitors’ laptops. This is government property. President Trump’s team wanted the incriminating evidence that they planned this event on the Capitol building. This was confirmed by Lt. General Thomas McInerney. This is why Pelosi created the articles of impeachment to get Trump before he gets her, it is as simple as that. That will not happen. All the traitors and their plans will be exposed. I heard she was arrested on January 8th, but this has not been confirmed yet. I know there are about 8,000 troops surrounding Washington D.C. to not let any of these treasonous traitors leave.


We know that the “old corrupt guard” in Washington, the fake MSM, and the “Big Tech” companies with severe shadow banding of information on the internet is “obvious” that Trump and real information was not treated fairly and even these outlets committed treason from the First Amendment of the Constitution of “Free Speech”. Whoever conspired against a duly elected President and “The People of the United States” will get their just due; arrested and trial under the newer laws as “enemy combatants”. This is who they are by trying to over-through our government. A quote from a high source is: “2020 has been utilized to become the greatest coup d’état in Universal history. The whole world is watching as the Old System is being dismantled.”

What does the near future hold? The big thing is that all this will be revealed to the public, because we have well over 80% percent of the public, or over 77 million voters supported President Trump. That is how many really voted for him. We are not sure how this information will be presented to the public, though. But we cannot have fake MSM going on at the same time. It looks like President Trump will use the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) with seven messages to everyone cell phones and TV sets to tell the first information on the coup and the treason that has happened against the people and real government of the United States.

From my sources, all media, internet and TV programming, so the military can broadcast 10 days of 3 X 8 hour sessions, of video confessions, military tribunals that have happened, lots of evidence for the scandals listed in the STORM articles that President Trump will release in the major seven messages. While this is happening, the Alliance will be removing governments worldwide and making global arrests of more than 600,000 indictments. This is the Global Awakening!

From my sources, GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act)/NESARA (American) will be invoked worldwide from the agreement signed in 2015 with all 209 countries worldwide. This will stop all wars, poverty and hunger worldwide. All countries will conform to peace and laws of GESARA, that will rid the world of the corrupt central banking system and fully activate the QFS (Quantum Financial System) which has been running in the background for one and one-half years. It will be fair to all, and the cheated monies will go back to the general public and all will be returned, overtime. An example is the IRS money in America was illegal, all will be returned with interest. One subject that came up yesterday’s conference call was the UBI (Universal Base Income) for everyone on the planet, to end poverty and hunger. The decision on how much, is still being decided. All debt will be erased, all people and all countries. This will be the start of real Freedom for all the people of the planet. All will be cleared up by March and April, from reports.

What has happened in the background is that a NEW Republic has been created and invoked on November 2, 2020, and the election was not for the new Republic. This takes the Republic to the real U.S. Constitution back, that was secretly taken away by the illuminati in 1871, and restores the Constitution to the original form. All the current political people that are good, even President Trump will have to run again in 120 days again, from November 2, 2020, this looks like the count-down. Judy Byington on Restored Republic report says that President Trump will be inaugurated on March 2, 2021. Biden will NOT be President and has been arrested and from my reports already. The inauguration will be delayed and from my reports with the New Republic invoked the rumor of General Flynn taking over with President Trump in the background is true. From my sources, the New Republic probably, but not for sure, will be public before the 20th of January 2021. Also, in Trump’s speech a few days ago, he admitted to allowing the new transition, he just did not clarify it. It means the New Republic!

Everyone, this is going to get our real freedom back and this is a very enlightening time on this planet. Be thankful for our military, President Trump and the Alliance, pray for their safety. Many leaders worldwide and militaries are a part of the Alliance too. The illuminati and [D]eep State criminals have been and are being rounded up. The time for all humanity to celebrate and rejoice is at hand! The Great Awakening is coming!