Message from Archangel Gabriel to the Collective

What is happening within the world right now is reflective of what is happening within our own individual Universe as well. A massive purge is taking place which requires an immense amount of light to assist in. Thus, many higher consciousness beings may be feeling quite exhausted and wonky.
You are anchoring the timeline in place that creates the most optimal path to ascension with the least amount of turmoil. Although it may not seem like it at this point in time – you are all doing a fantastic job not only holding the light for so many awakening souls but you are also anchoring the huge amount of light codes being blasted onto Mother Gaia by the Central Sun.
If you could only see how loved, rivered & respected you are in the higher realms. Remember – you are not these bodies but are in-charge of their keep. Allow your body to process and heal all the trauma from both your individual past as well as the current collective darkness. Again, we have already won. Now is the time for clean-up and renewal. These next few months will be rough but by Spring, the flowers will blossom once again.
There is nothing left to fear. You already have it all figured out. If you are consciously working towards this ascension and all of a sudden you find yourself in feelings/emotions from your past; they aren’t yours. But you’re having to feel them to let them go. So let yourself be all that you feel. By being those feelings and emotions for a moment is how you transmute. Eventually, you’ll have “dark” thoughts or feelings and understand it's you purging this stored trauma from your cells. You have to feel it to purge it.
So, if you’re feeling it right now then it means it’s working. Be proud of the work you are doing. We in the higher realms most certainly are. Remember – every time you transmute your own lower vibrational energies, the less the collective has to bear. The 100th monkey theory is very true and very accurate. We are close to the tipping point of awakened consciousness.
This is why the light has already won. You have and continue to do courageous amazing work. We love you so very much. We bow to you, salute you, and honor you. We cannot wait until we can all be together again in peace, love & harmony.
We are much closer to this reality than you think.

-  Arch Angel Gabriel on 1/6/21 channeled through Adam T. Cummings.

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