We were chosen to go through the darkness first so that we could assist in this exact moment in time

True Lightworkers, over the next coming days, weeks, and months, this is a reminder for those of us who have already walked through the dark, to continue to hold the light. 

Remember, we were chosen to go through the darkness first so that we could assist in this exact moment in time. We feel it. We were the pioneers that digested the deepest darkness long ago to co-create a brighter world and create more room for the light to illuminate the earth and bring sovereignty to humanity. 

Were here in THIS moment in time to radiate peace, anchor in calm, and let everyone know it's going to be ok.  In fact, it's going to be amazing. 

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, many people will seem like they have lost their minds. As trauma, attachment, and childhood pain is brought to the surface to be transmuted through the experience of current events - it can feel heavy and confusing. Most people have never been able to acknowledge or accept the darkness or truth within themselves, let alone the weight of what has been going on in the world for centuries. The world has been filled with a deeply ingrained dominance of cognitive dissonance, fear, and stagnation. That is about to change as the light is shined on truth for all to see.

This is a collective clearing that has been happening for some time, it’s come to its final push. This is a purge of ALL negative energies within ourselves and around, this is a time for massive self-care. 

Just as lightworkers collapsed their own inner ego and illusion to co-create the new world long ago, the majority of people on earth are now unexpectedly, too. They are not all prepared, and it’s our job to hold space for them and hold the 5D vibration of love.

There are so many people who genuinely have not known the truth of the world they have been living in. Many people have been living the 3D illusion to no fault of their own.  Many of the pioneers who knew this, have been mocked, made fun of, alienated, and labeled, but that dissolves now.  We must continue to hold the vibration of love and never that of “I told you so”.

Most importantly, we are here to be an example of what is coming. This is not the end of the world, this is the end of the illusion and the dawn of the golden age. 

I invite everyone to zoom out from all of the current events and distractions that appear to be real and prepare yourself.

Allow the light to pour on you. This is an exciting time to be alive. 

Written by Ashley Ulizzi on January 21, 2021