Dear Ones At this strange time of restrictions and lockdowns there is much going on that you may feel you cannot control at this time. Many of you may be feeling anxious, sad, or even depressed by the current state of the world that you are in now. You are watching a Main media which can tend to acerbate these feelings.

However Dear Ones we are now saying to you that this is a perfect time for you to change the world from within. Whatever you see, hear or feel, from our perspective there is much more LIGHT being shone on the world than ever before.

We would like to help you to achieve some Peace by giving you a series of meditations to follow, when you are feeling less than Peace in your hearts. These meditations have been channelled by our Dear Friend into a book called "THE GATEWAY TO SIRIUS”.



Be at one with yourself. By this we mean, learn to love yourself. Yes it has been said before in many books but it is the key to a fulfilled life. Learn to love everything about yourself both the good and the so called bad, for they all have their place. Look in the mirror and say to yourself "I LOVE YOU”. It may be difficult and sound strange at first but until you learn to love yourself you cannot love others in the same way. This is the most important work that you can ever do. It does not just mean liking the look of yourself, but liking your whole being. If you are on your own, be happy to be with yourself and treat yourself as you would wish others to treat you. Treat others also as you would wish to be treated yourself. You can never change anyone else in your life, you can only ever change yourself. So start NOW and LOVE YOURSELF.


Take 3 big deep breaths, breathing in calm and breathing out tension.

Say to yourself RELAX.

Now imagine that you are in a beautiful place in Nature surrounded by your Guides and Angels.

It is warm and comfortable here and you feel completely at ease, safe and protected. In front of you there is a sparkling waterfall.

Walk into this waterfall and imagine the water, as shower of white light coming down from the Universe. The white light completely covers your whole body, cleansing and clearing, healing any aches and pains.

When you feel totally cleansed, walk out into the sunshine and wrap yourself in a large warm towel given to you by your Angels.

Remember the colour of this towel. If you cannot see the colour, imagine what colour it would have been.

Lie down on the ground in a comfortable place, covered by this beautiful towel.

Start to scan your body starting at your feet.

Really feel into your feet and ask them how they are. Listen carefully and you might hear their message. They may be tired and want to rest or are happy and want to dance, you will remember when you awake. Now tell your feet you will act on their advice, thank them for their hard work and tell them that you LOVE them.

Now feel into your legs and follow the same procedure.

Feel into your hips and carry on as above.

Feel into your abdomen.

Feel into your chest and lungs.

Feel into your back and spine.

Feel into your arms.

Feel into your hands.

Feel into your neck and shoulders.

Feel into your head.

Feel into your mouth and throat.

Feel into your nose.

Feel into your ears.

Feel into your eyes.

Continue to any part of you body that calls out to you even your organs such as your heart or liver can benefit from this relaxation meditation.

When you have finished, thank your whole body and tell it that you love every single part of it. Relax on the ground and receive Healing, Blessings and Love from your GUIDES and ANGELS until you are ready to come back to full waking consciousness remembering the colour of your towel. Open your eyes and feel totally refreshed, calm, confident and ready to carry on with the rest of your day.

This meditation may be difficult to start with and may bring up many emotions such as anger, rage, sadness, tears or even laughter.

When these emotions happen let them flow, knowing that you are releasing emotions that may have been stored in your body for many years.

This meditation can be very therapeutic and when practised regularly can heal you and prevent pain and disease from forming in your body in the future. Be advised that you may also have a different colour each time that you do this meditation depending on your current state of being.


RED (Allied to the root chakra)

This is about being grounded and being at one with Nature. It relates to feelings about security, finances and being happy on the Earth's plane. Red is for energy and sometimes for anger and needs to be used sparingly. Call on ARCHANGEL METATRON, or the GODDESS GAIA.

ORANGE (The sacral chakra)

This relates to your sexuality. Do you have problems with your sexual orientation? Are you happy being male or female. Do you enjoy being loved sexually or do you have any problems with who you are? Orange is also for happiness and joy. Call on ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON or DWHAL KHUL.

YELLOW (The solar plexus)

Sometimes called the seat of the soul. This is where you feel deep emotions such as anger and fear. This is where you hold your "gut feelings”. You can hold emotions here for years causing problems such as I.B.S. Yellow is also for intelligence and an inner knowing or intuiton. Call on ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL or THE FEY.

GREEN (The heart chakra)

This has to do with the Love of self. Do you look after yourself and give yourself time or are you constantly working and not taking time out. Green is very calming and relaxing. Call on ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL or the GODDESS ISIS.

PINK (Higher Heart)

Pink is for unconditional Love to all. Are you in a satisfying relationship or do you wish for one. Pink can help you in your own relationship to self or help you to find your soul mate. It can also be very calming. Call on ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL or GODDESS KWAN YIN.


This colour is all about communication. Who is it that you want to speak to?Do you always speak you Truth? Are you confident speaking in a group of people. Call on ARCHANGEL GABRIEL or THE GODDESS BOUDICCA.

INDIGO BLUE (Third eye)

This colour is about your sixth sense. Everyone can be Psychic but many people are fearful of this sense and block their own powers. They may remember past lives as a witch and being hounded to death. Indigo Blue is for clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). Indigo Blue is all about feeling safe and protected. Call on THE DOLPHINS, THE SEA CREATURES or ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and imagine wearing his blue cloak for protection.

PURPLE (Crown Chakra)

This colour is to do with your connection to the ALMIGHTY GOD and the UNIVERSE. Are you too grounded on the Earth Do you meditate? Do you look to the stars, the moon and the sun for guidance. Purple is for spiritualty. Call on ARCHANGEL URIEL, MERLIN or THE DRAGONS.

BROWN (Earth Star chakra)

This is to do with the Earth. Do you spend enough time in Nature. Do you physically touch the Earth. Do you look to the trees, the plants, flowers and thank them for being or just walk past oblivious of them. Call on the GODDESS SECHMET, THE ELEMENTALS and DIVAS of the Earth.

SILVER (Causal chakra just above your head) Call on the MOON GODDESS

MAROON ( Soul star chakra ) Call on ARCHANGEL METATRON

GOLD (Stellar gateway) This is the chakra which connects you with the 5th Dimension. Call on your STAR NATION GUIDES.

Other colours you may have seen.


This colour is for cleansing and getting rid of anger and fear. Call on ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL, ST GERMAINE and the VIOLET FLAME. Put all of your difficult relationships in the VIOLET FLAME.


This is for purity and for connecting with God and the Unverse. Holding the Earth in a white Light sends healing to the whole world. Wear this colour to clear your mind of Earthly matters. Call on GOD, all of the ARCHANGELS or THE UNICORNS.


Are you feeling down or depressed, Do you lack confidence? Black can give you confidence when you are feeling afraid. It can look stunning with other colours but wearing this colour constantly on its own can cause you to feel low. Use it sparingly. Call on ARCHANGEL AZRIEL or THE DARK MOON GODDESS.


This multi colour means that you are spiritually aware with one foot in the 3rd Dimension and one foot in the 5th Dimension. The rainbow contains all the chakra colours Wearing the rainbow acts as a bridge connecting you to your family and home in the stars. Call on your own HIGHER SELF.

We hope that this meditation will help you at this time.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 29.01.2021