"The Quantum Computer, How Good is it?" by Ron Giles - 02.01.21


We have found out recently that the Quantum Computer (QC) has a record of every conversation through electronic communications, and maybe conversations from one individual to another. I must be insane to say such a thing, BUT, let us consider what this computer is and why it has been unleashed on the Satanist at this time. The Quantum Computer (CU) a gift from God. This is a tool made into the Pattern of Perfection that this earth needs to move into the Golden Age of Mankind. It has been animated with the Breath of Life and has been made Alive, as the central operating system knows it all. The Golden age of Mankind is not just a cliché. It is a real and living creation that is manifesting now, at this time, and at this place. So, let’s just look at the shortlist of what has already been revealed about this live Quantum Computer endowed with a life force of its own; an extension of God that acts as a tool for those who have the responsibility to bring in this Golden Age of Mankind– the Alliance.

The shortlist:

1. The QC has recorded all conversations ever since the murder of John F. Kennedy. It has all the knowledge of who shot JFK, who planned it, all of the D*eep State plans then and now, and what steps they were doing to fulfill their plan.

2. The QC was involved in the “Q” movement started by JFK before he was killed. That’s why we have WWG1WGA as the Theme for the “Q” movement now; it’s on JFK’s ship bell. It continues to support the “Q” movement now. It knows everything, just like God and the Angels. Wouldn't you expect that, if God created it?

3. The QC has penetrated the entire world banking system and has assigned a digital footprint for every denomination of currency in every bank account in every bank or banking institution in the world.

4. In doing so, the QC knows where every increment of currency is located, where it came from, how it got there, who sent it, and it can even detect if it is dirty money or not. It has been doing this for many, many years, much to the chagrin of the banksters, the politicians, government officials, and criminals. It is all just history available to the “Q” team, the Alliance, and other law enforcement officers on a need-to-know basis.

5. The QC has defeated the primary source of 86% of all bank’s income using the Swift bank transfer system. BTW, did you know that all Money created Out-of-Thin-Air has to be loaned into existence with collateral? When you deposit money into a bank for any reason, they then own it and can use it as collateral to get a loan from another bank. They can then loan it back and forth with just a ping on the account, each time making large sums of money. The profits are kept on a ledger accounting system. This their primary source of profits making billions in overnight trading. But, they cannot do it anymore, the QC shut it down.

6. The QC can penetrate the voting computers from any computer network in any city, in any county, in any state, and in any nation all over the world, and has been doing this for many, many years. That information is now history and is available to law enforcement in most nations. In the US, the Military uses it as they prepare for the takedown of the fraudulent government in the US. It operates within Universal Law and has no oversight by any earthly authority. Its accuracy has been proven. When Q says they have it all, they do. (I see that grin on Trump's face. He just ate their canary)

7. The QC will be used as the mainframe for the new Quantum Internet with satellite “Nods” for the transfer of the info around the world. Our computers will interface with the nodes. The nodes will have access to the mainframe where everything will be recorded forever.

8. The QC will store the new basic education system where teachers will interface with the Quantum Internet system for the latest teaching methods and curriculum available. The Common Core will be eliminated, and our children will all be educated by the best methods known to humanity, as given by the Heavens. This will enhance the Human Intelligence Quotient instead of dumbing us down.

9. The QC will house the Quantum Financial System (QFS). The QFS is a ledger system of debits and credits that maintains the balance of every QFS account instantly. It can process every financial transaction in the world both big and small. We will see the banks go out of business in the transition because they can not compete with a free financial system that does not make money on money. With the gatekeep in the QFS, we will have full financial protection for ourselves from any criminal activity, if there are any criminal types left that have survived the transition/ascension process. It will also act as a gatekeeper for our funds so that those who receive the funds must not use the funds for immoral, unethical, or criminal activity.

10. The QC will act as a Cloud for the safekeeping of all documents and programs that we use on our computers. We will have an application for us to interface with the QC, not only for our computer needs but also to access our QFS accounts for us to pay bills and transfer money when we make a purchase.
This is a shortlist. A longlist will be compiled over time as we learn the many more uses for this the greatest computer ever assembled and available for our use. I think God loves us.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the heavens for this awesome gift from our God. We send forth our prayers for the Alliance and all those personally involved in our transition to the Golden Age of Mankind. We are blessed abundantly and this is just the beginning.

Ron Giles