THE GATEWAY TO SIRIUS: Meditation Step 2


When your world was busy some of you may have never had enough time to spend on your own. Now during this pandemic you may find that there is more time to do this. Time is precious so use it well. In the higher dimensions time is immaterial. Past present and future are one. This may be a hard concept for you to understand. To imagine it think of time not as linear but circular. Time was something that was invented on Earth to help human beings cope with their lives.

Now that the Earth is going through such dramatic changes, the Earth’s axis has in fact wobbled so to speak. This has meant that when you think of time now it is not the same time as it was even a few hundred years ago. We believe that it has actually been calculated that instead of your Earthly 24 hours in a day there may now just be 15. This may seem dramatic to you and it may be why some of you may feel that there are not enough hours in your day. You also may pack in too much into your days.

If you go back to ancient times Man woke up when the sun was rising and he slept when the sun set. His stress was just keeping alive and knowing where his next food was coming from. Today more than ever it has become vital for you to be on your own and to meditate for part of the day to cope with your own stress. Negative memories can be held in the body’s cells for years and go back to childhood and before. The energy that comes to you from Source is cleansing and clearing these memories and emotions.

This can mean that the tears, anger and frustration that has been held in your body can be released in this quiet time on your own. At times this can be very painful and why some may not want to do this work. They turn to alcohol, drugs and sex to mask their pain. We have to tell you that there is no hiding now. You have to face these memories and we are here to help you.

The energy from Source is being stepped up so to speak and is becoming ever more stronger. We on Sirius help to dissipate that energy and to beam it in a more acceptable way for humans to cope. If the energy were to come straight from Source you would all burn up within its power. Many people who are still in a lower vibration cannot take the magnificent energy that the Angels have and may not be able to look into the eyes of Lightworkers who work with these magnificent creatures.

There are many, many ways to meditate other than sitting cross legged on the floor in an uncomfortable position. The moves in yoga were created so that monks would be flexible enough to be able to achieve this for any length of time.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. This is the optimum time. It can take 20 minutes for the Adrenaline in your body to dissipate after you have had a shock. Turn off your phones and mobiles. Impossible for some but nobody is so important that they need to be contacted within that time. Start to quiet your mind and emotions.

Suggested routines.

1. Put on your favourite piece of music or guided visualisation. There are many excellent aids to meditation which can be found on CDs or your computer. When you are more practised you will be able to be alone without any music and be able to enjoy the silence. However for some at the beginning of their practice this may be too powerful as they are have been so used to much background noise.

2. Breath work. Start by taking 3 Big deep breaths breathing into your stomach, breathing in calm through your nose, holding the breath for a few seconds and breathing out through your mouth. This is a very powerful, calming technique, which can be done at any stressful time when you are unable to be on your own.

3. Progressive relaxation. Go through your body, either from the top of your head to the tips of your toes or visa versa and imagine yourself relaxing every single muscle and part of your body. You can imagine a bright light of any colour coming down from the Universe or up from the Earth to help in this relaxation.

4. There are many forms of Autogenic training. Saying these words helps to teach your body to relax. Below is an example but you can use your own words.

My arms and legs are heavy and warm (Say 3 times).

My heartbeat is calm and steady. “

It breathes me. “

My solar plexus is warm. “

My forehead is cool and clear. “

You can say a statement (affirmation) 3 times here for anything that you wish to bring into your life such as “I am happy and healthy”. Affirmations can be said at any time to help with your meditations but always speak in the positive.

My neck and shoulders are heavy. “

I am at Peace. “

Repeat this 3 times in one sitting and do this 3 times in the day.

5. Light a candle and watch the flame.

6. Find a place in Nature and just sit and watch the flora and fauna.

7. If it is not possible for you to be in Nature, close your eyes and imagine being in Nature.

8. Watch a sunrise, sunset or the stars at night.

9. Sit in your bath, take a shower or just look at a river, lake or the sea or even just a bowl of water. Water is very calming, meditative and cleansing.

10. Play an instrument. The Native Americans used the beat of the drum to get into a meditative state and connect with their ancestors in an altered state of being.

11. Sit at an altar with a statue of your favourite Angel, God, Goddess or Ascended Master to connect with them.

12. Imagine yourself in a special place in Nature and build yourself an imaginary home or shelter and ask for anyone living or in spirit to come into your retreat and speak with you.

There are many, many ways to meditate, you can make up your own but have fun and enjoy these sessions. You can then start to look forward to your sessions and even start to receive messages from your own Guides, Angels or Higher Self. Many of you will already be meditating in your own way but we hope that we have helped some of you who have not found the joys of meditation before. At this strange time of Transition from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above, meditation and going within is a very good way of calming the mind and finding your own Truth in the midst of much perceived angst.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius.