WHO ARE LIGHTWORKERS? Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - February 2021

Good day to you dear Lightworkers, our precious Starseeds on this February day in the midst of this great awakening of planet earth and its human inhabitants. Today we will talk of you and of the journey you have taken here on planet earth.

Each of you is individual, different, unique in the path you have taken.

Each of you planned your own lives before you ever came to earth. Many of you had not had earthly lives before. Your high frequency, your love quotient, the beautiful level at which you vibrate, was needed for the ascension of planet earth, for your great Spirit your Oversoul, is as great as the angels and archangels.

You were content with your maker and each other. You were in mutual bliss, in telepathic camaraderie with Source and with your brethren. You were in the spirit realm with no body, no physical manifestations, just the flow of electro magnetic love that is God and that is all and that enables all.

God is often thought of and portrayed by religions as a dear old bearded, benevolent gentleman who sits in the clouds beaming at his children, beaming at his creations in a beneficent way.

We now know a small part of what God is, for we feel him as he shines his holy light upon us. We feel the glow, the spiritual flow of his energy, around us, through us and in us.

God could be called the great computer in the sky. He/she/it, for God has no gender, is literally all that is. God is the Spirit realm and all that it contains, God is the material realm and all that it contains, there is nothing outside God.

God is, perhaps, like a great tapestry, with all the lives of all the creatures, human and galactic, all the orbits and revolutions of the stars and planets, as interwoven threads in the great computer in the sky, the great computer that is God.

God does not judge. He does not need to judge, for his universal laws take care of all that is, in this magnificent universe. And, God thirsts for knowledge and experience.

This knowledge does not come to him in the spirit realm where peace and love reign and there is no great push to expand. And so, he created the material realm, all the galaxies, stars, planets and physical creatures that inhabit them.

And now, having created these, he had a great desire to know all there is to know about them and, to experience them in full. God has a need to learn unceasingly.

So he sent particles, fragments of himself, human beings, into this material world, planet earth, that they might report back the knowledge they had gained and the feelings they had felt in their physical life.

And so, you might say that God is a compilation of all the information and all the experiences that his human and galactic children, have deposited in him over eons of time, since the universe was created. This is what the akashic records are. They are the records of all that is, and all that ever was and all that ever has been.

And so, before being human, mankind was everything that there is to be. Rock, air, water, trees, flowers and plants, birds, fish and animals and all the creatures that inhabit the material realm, humanity has been them all.

All, all, all had to be experienced before becoming human. For humanity has a complicated life to live. Mankind has free will and so must make decisions as to which path to follow.

And, here on earth, the devil and the goodly and Godly vie for the allegiance of mankind. Here, too there are experiences that God wishes to have. He does not judge. All that happens in the material realm, all that we fear, all that we love becomes known to him for we report back when we leave our earthly form.

This physical body we inhabit, is just a temporary housing for our soul. It is as a suit of clothes that we wear for a while, and cast aside when its time is over.

And so, time passed, and the earth had passed through another procession of the equinox. Our world had done its circuit through the universe, passing through dark energies, low frequencies, heavy vibrations.

All the fears, all the concerns, the angsts, the pain were reported back to God. As were the love, the sacrifice, the kindness, the natural inherent benevolence of humanity.

And now, so many had experienced so much that it was the time of the great awakening. Yet the earth had been hijacked by evil forces. They too are of God, they too report back to God, but they played the part of the dark. They were the satan, the devil that sought our homage, our devotion.

They had played their part all too well, for mankind was caught in the unceasing round of karma and was unable to free himself from the illusional delusion, the perception deception he had fallen into.

His vibration, after eons of corruption and torture, both mental and physical, his vibration was very low. He was immersed in the low vibrating fear feelings that had been indoctrinated into him.

From that low resonance, he could not see to free himself. And so the call went out in the heavens. Mankind needs help. Planet earth needs to be infiltrated from inside. God’s universal laws would not allow interference from the outside of the earthly environment.

Yes, mankind needed help. You heard the call, you felt the call in your heart and you volunteered to come to earth. You knew it would be difficult, but you did not know how difficult it would be.

Your resonance, our dear holy ones, our precious LIghtworkers, your resonance, was high, much higher than that of your earthly brethren. And it would be your job to lift the resonance, the emotional vibration of planet from the third dimensional fear paradigm to the fifth dimensional love paradigm.

Just your being here has been enough to do that. You, our dear ones, radiate your beautiful light and love, your beautiful aura all around you and lift your brethren and the world out of fear, out of blame, shame and guilt.

Many of you had not had previous lives on earth, or anywhere in the material realm. You could not come to earth without a previous knowledge of how to behave here, what to expect, what to experience.

And so, together with your guides, together with your angels and Soul family, you accessed the akashic records. And you had the lives that you thought most useful imprinted upon you.

It was as if these memories were actually of events that you had experienced. The only difference was that there was no karma attached to any of the negative experiences that had been imprinted on your soul’s subconscious memory.

So you were born onto earth, often to very difficult situations for you needed to suffer, you needed to feel what humans feel in a deep and dark way.

Only so could you develop the benevolent compassion, the empathic understanding that you need to help your brethren. For now, you are truly compassionate.

You know what it is like to be enmeshed in the low vibration of fear and all its negative and divisive feelings. You know humanity is living the hero’s journey.

The hero, who comes to earth to slay the dragon of dark entanglement, succeeds after many worries, concerns and dangerous challenges, and comes out victorious having achieved his objective. Having raised himself and his brethren to greater heights of love and light he returns to his country, in this case to his heavenly existence, victorious.

Yes, so it is with you dear brethren. Have no concern, just be, just breathe. It is the time for fun and frolic. You have lived through the dark and difficult times of your earthly life. You have seen how your brethren speak to each other, how they treat each other with contempt, how they project their pain, their fears, their anger and emotions at each other.

And, as with all things, when the truth is revealed the situation can be changed. Nothing can be solved at the level at which it was created. You have moved beyond that third dimensional program in which the fear and dark emotion, reactive behavior reside.

And now, you can see clearly, for the fog of indoctrination has been lifted. You are ready to complete your mission. Your job now, your assignment is to find your joy. What is it you want? What is it you love to do? Bring joy to yourself and the world - and do it.

Keep your vibration high and by so doing you will help the world for this planet earth, this world of ours is based on frequency and vibration and your high vibration lifts the world.

Just be just breathe. Trust the plan and find your bliss. The best is yet to come dear Brethren. Yes, The best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.