Energy Update - A Channeled message from the Council of 12 (Council of Elders)

Hey Y'All!
Just wanted to share an important energy update we just received from our Guides - The Council of 12. We are all feeling the pain of Anxiety and Anticipation at this time in the Collective as we wait with bated breath for the ascension to unfold. Know that all is going well and as planned. There is nothing to fear once we look past the illusion of this fear based Matrix that is currently collapsing. Our elders want us to know that our efforts are appreciated and that we are all contributing towards a positive change. Persevere with steadfast faith. Ignore the naysayers that seek to derail you from your chosen path due to their own insecirities and fear. 
Beautiful times of union, celebration and joy await us!
With Love,
Eldora and Siman

Channeling of the ‘Council of 12’ (The Elders) via Siman Ra - Received Feb 6, 2021
Dear Ones, We are feeling an enormous sense of anxiety, fear, hopelessness and despair in the global field of human consciousness and this is what we would like to address today. 
Dear Ones, your world is not falling apart, it is transforming. We say to you that Humanity is Ascending and this is one of the most exciting times to be on Earth! From our perspective we can see that the dimensional shift of Earth into a New Age of peace and love has already taken place in the higher dimensions and the events that are unfolding on the surface are only the physical manifestation of these higher dimensional shifts. The old must crumble to clear the way for what is coming. And what is coming is beautiful beyond anything you can imagine!
Humanity stands at the precipice of the greatest shift ever experienced in Earth’s history. Major changes and revolutions have always been accompanied by turmoil and chaos. Know that this is to be expected and is part of the way things must unfold. You must be brave and have faith during these times. The amount of turbulence will only amplify this year, even more than what was experienced in 2020. Great changes are afoot, most of them are not visible to the average human as you need ‘Eyes to See’ and perceive truths that are available beyond the veil. 
Remember that you are all Warriors of Light incarnated on this planet at this critical juncture for a very special purpose. You are here to anchor the light of peace for all of Humanity. You are Galactic change makers who are here to shift the paradigm so that truth, justice and harmony can prevail. You are here to break the shackles of misery and slavery once and for all. You are here to free this planet from the clutches of Tyranny! This is no easy task, yet here we are, and although you may not be able to perceive it yet, you have already prevailed. You have successfully completed the collective mission you came here for. You have tipped the scale in the favour of the Light. We now wait for the physical reality to catch up to what has vibrationally already been sealed in our reality. 
Dear ones, it’s time to stop feeding old energies that keep the illusion of the 3D Matrix of Slavery alive. You are all beautiful divine sparks of light! You are aspects of God Source - each and every one of you reading this message was hand picked to be here because of who you are. You may not remember who you truly are due to the amnesia experienced on Earth, but we know you very well! You are a team of ‘Galactic Special Forces’! You are Warriors of Love! Warriors of Truth!
You each carry a unique divine blueprint within you. You are here to unlock this blueprint and create a life of your dreams. You are here to unlock your creative powers and shatter the old patterns of worry, struggle, fear and violence. In each moment that you choose love over fear, you raise this planet into a higher and more positive timeline. Collectively, all warriors of light are being guided by an invisible hand. This allows you to create a Global Collective Grid of Christ Consciousness Energy. This is the most powerful frequency in this Universe and this is what you all came here to anchor. This collective grid enables you to tap into the GOD FORCE within and places you on a positive timeline where you are guided in each step of your journey. 
For those who are not able to experience this magic yet, we say to you, persevere with patience. Keep clearing your fields of negativity and division until you experience the light you carry within you. You will begin to experience magic within your life once you let go of your self imposed limiting beliefs. 
You are going through massive changes on an individual level. Light body upgrades and DNA activations. Your bodies are changing, your diet preferences are evolving. As your shift into higher vibration your body craves foods that are pure and unaltered, the organic foods that Gaia lovingly nourishes you with. Transition out of consuming animal products from your diet as they contain poisonous toxins and nanoparticles that clog your system and cut you off from the god source within. Eat raw fruits and vegetable, drink purified water, consume ample amounts of nutrient-rich superfoods, cleanse and detox. Once you rid you bodies of these harmful toxins, your pineal gland activates and you being to perceive a new reality that you thought did not exist before. It cannot be explained in words, it must be experienced!
Remember we, your Galactic Star brothers and sisters, are always here for you. We are surrounding your planet at this very moment in thousands upon thousands of ships around Earth’s orbit. We are working around the clock to clear the surface of negative energy. We are constantly averting possible disasters that you are not even aware of. We have members of our teams working on the surface as well. Agents of the Galactic Federation in human disguise. You might have run into us at your favourite coffee shop and even had a brief conversation with one of us :) We enjoy watching you closely and interacting with you. We instantly recognize who you are as a soul as we can read your frequencies the same way you read your favourite book. We are closer to you than you think, but it is not time for us yet to reveal ourselves to you. 
Humanity as some preparation to go through before we can once again re-unite. That time is near. 
You have accomplished on Earth, what many in the heavens thought was impossible.
We anxiously watch you with excitement, love, respect and joy in our hearts. 
A glorious time of celebration awaits us!
With Love,
The Council of Elders