When you are feeling depressed or maybe just down, start to change your thoughts and mood by expressing gratitude for something. It may just be a small thing such as being able to smell a beautiful flower, watch a sunrise, feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing soothing music or tasting your favourite food.

This will start to help change your vibration from a lower frequency to a higher one. This may well take time and if you are in a deep depression and feeling suicidal it is vital that you reach out to others including medical intervention for help at this time. In the midst of a deep depression this may well seem impossible but holding onto something dear to you can help you to make improvements. There is always hope. This dear channel experienced many years of depression and we were with her to keep her safe to come through, to be able to help others in the same position.

Being grateful can lighten your mood enough for higher beings to reach and help you. Lighting a candle and watching the flame helps to connect you with your Guides and Angels when you are not able to meditate.They will always be there to help you whether you believe or not.

The Angels are here in great numbers to help Mankind to Ascend to a new way of being but the dark emotions which are now coming to the surface have to be healed and this can take it's toll. Your bodies need more rest at this moment in time, for the energies are building and encouraging everyone to look within and heal their past problems. All the repressed emotions from childhood and past lives are now coming to the surface to be healed before the work on Planet Earth can begin.

Do not be alarmed about this, but be grateful that this is happening. This time is a very special time in Earth's History and if you are here now, you too are very special indeed. When anger and tears come to the surface, thank them, but try not to get embroiled within these emotions. When you feel angry, sad or depressed there is something in your past that you have not dealt with and this needs to be healed. Know that this time will pass.

This work needs to be done, so be grateful that you have so much help behind the scenes to deal with your emotions. Thank these emotions for bringing something to your attention and ask what it is that you need to heal. Ask for help, talk to friends, talk to therapists and have healing yourself. Thank anyone who comes into your life, for even the worst of enemies will bring blessings. If you are in a problem relationship and you are not happy, it may be time to walk away. Thank that person for having brought to your attention what you needed to learn. Life on Earth was not meant to be a burden. Begin to be grateful for being on a beautiful planet and you will begin to understand why you are here.

Practise Gratitude.

Meditation for practising Gratitude

Take 3 big deep breaths and relax your entire body as shown before. Imagine yourself in your own sacred place, be it a temple, church, place in nature or maybe a room in a house. Stay here for awhile and using your senses to imagine how you would like this place to be. You may be able to see it in your minds eye, feel the feelings, hear the sounds, smell the aromas or even taste how this place would be. Everyone uses different senses and you might find that one sense will predominate. It matters not.Your subconscious knows exactly where you are and cannot tell the difference between reality and the dream state.

Now imagine that this place is your own sacred place of refuge from the pressures of the outside world. This place is yours alone and you can only invite into this place your personal Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Evolved beings working on an unconditional level. Do this now and see who comes into your space. This being is now going to talk to you and answer all of your questions.

Tell this being all of your problems that you have had in the past. They will now tell you the reason for your past problems and how to avoid making any mistakes in the future.

Now tell the being the problems that you have in the now. Listen to the advice they have to give you.

Now tell this being what you would like to happen in the future and also about any decisions you have to make. The being may offer you advice but you must only do what you feel is right for you and your higher self.

Go through your life and thank all the people you have ever had a problem with in the past. Go through your life and thank any person you have ever known whether you loved or hated them.

Go back to your birth, thank your Mother and Father for birthing you into existence. Thank your brothers and sisters and all of your family. Thank your school mates, your work mates and all of your friends.

Now thank all of the beings that you cannot see, the Angels, your guides and your spiritual family. Thank the beings in other dimensions, the elementals, the crystals, the stone family, the plants, the trees, the animals, the birds and insects.Thank Mother Nature, the sea, the wind, the rain, and the sun for keeping you alive. The list will go on as you think of more reasons to be thankful.

Now thank the being that made you. You may call it God, Goddess, Allah or the Creator.

Your being will now hold you in their arms. Stay here for as long as you like to experience the Unconditional Love that they have for you.

When you are ready come back to full waking consciousness remembering the Love and advice that you have been given.

N.B. The people that you have had the most problems with in this lifetime are your soul mates. You all made contracts with each other before you incarnated to bring these problems to the surface to be healed. Sometimes your closest soul mates are the ones who will work the hardest for you spiritually even though you may not know this physically. Thank them from the bottom of your heart for bringing to your attention the problems that you have to work on.

Everyone on Earth today is working with the Christ Consciousness and each one can become Ascended Masters in their own lifetime. Some have chosen difficult assignments and may not achieve their mission but others will. It is important to remember to think spiritually around all of your problems. You are here on Earth for soul growth and this is the perfect planet for learning Unconditional Love and to become higher evolved beings.

More and more beings are now waking up spiritually as the planet moves from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above. Take the opportunity to evolve now.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 06.02.2021