Good versus Evil


By Thinker2 on February 12, 2021

I hope you guys know this but if you don't, here it is:

There are only two ways the War of Good and Evil can go:
  • Good - Golden Age
  • Evil - Dystopia

The way the Bad Guys get things to go Evil is with deception (Luciferian Philosophy). That is their principle weapon. By deceiving you and me into accepting Dystopian futures they MANIPULATE us into creating that future. When we accept or promote a Negative Future (Timeline) we manifest that future.

"The ends justify the means." - Luciferian deception

When we (You and Me) play Dystopia in our minds, or share Dystopian videos with others we are working for the Bad Guys. This is why Horror Movies exist. This is why the Cabal did not destroy George Orwell's 1984. These images in our minds manifest that future.

This does not make communication of corruption impossible. It makes communicating corruption a special skill set. The ability to share information as information, not as a belief system (truth / false). Corruption is a fact, but it does not need to be perpetuated in our shearing it. I'm responsible for sharing information so others know this is not our future. It is the future the Cabal wants, but we are not going to let them have it.

The solution is to reject the Cabal's future. Reject anything attempting to manipulate us into a future we do not want. The best example of this I have seen recently is the Jesuit Priest in Italy telling us Trump can vaccinate everyone is 24 hours, or Jared Kushner is POTUS's Handler. It hooked me for a moment, but I returned to my commitment to destroy the corruption and reject the deception. Evin if it were true, REJECT it and make it deception.

There are three kinds of information; Truth, Deception, Hearsay. Everything is Hearsay unless you were there to witness it. Hold information as Hearsay until you can verify it as true or false. Don't fall into the trap of having only two categories (true & false) and rejecting what you don't comprehend. You were trained in school testing to do that.

"Hold the Line" means keep the POTUS, Patriots (White Hats) as completing their missions. To free humanity from corruption. We have already won, but there is much corruption to clean up.

When your friends or loved ones loose sight of the goal, you can lift them up and support them. I do it all the time. I make them laugh. I help them see how ridiculous the deception is. I love the Hell out of them, literally. Live the Hell out of your countrymen who are eradicating the corruption.

Peace, love, and blessings,