Learn to send Love and Light to everyone including your enemies. Practise this daily and you will find that your relationships will improve dramatically. Thoughts are very powerful and even though you may feel anger in your heart, practise sending Love anyway. You will find that over time you will begin to feel Love for those who have hurt you. Remember that nobody can actually make you feel anything. You are the one who is allowing the thoughts about those who have done you harm, to affect you. They may not be feeling anything themselves.

If you practise sending out Love, even though you may not feel it, eventually the power of Love will endure. Love is the strongest emotion on the planet and can heal anything. Know that everyone is only doing the best that they can do. People only ever do what they think is right for them in their world even though this may go against the basic laws of humanity. It may not seem right in your world but it seems right in his. Contrary to popular belief every single soul can change and turn to the Light.

Love is such a powerful healer. However feeling strong emotions, such as anger can be damaging to you and if held in the body for long, can contribute to cancer, arthritis, depression and other illnesses. It bodes you well to rid yourself of these emotions. Yet again this may take time but it is so important to feel this Love. Even the most evil person in this world needs your Love. It costs you nothing but may be enough to sway the way that he thinks. Every single human being has a soul and you will be encouraging that soul to evolve and grow. He needs your Love, for you have more to give than he. Remember that you are all connected and part of the consciousness called God or The One. Forgive your enemies.

Practise Forgiveness.


As before take 3 big deep breaths and relax the muscles in your body. Imagine a white light entering every single cell in your body, from the top your head down to the tips of your toes. Now imagine that you are in a beautiful warm place and you see a shining White Pyramid in front of you. This is a healing temple from Ancient times.

You walk into the pyramid and are astonished by the rainbow of colours that you see inside. The walls of the pyramid are encrusted with crystals. You see hieroglyphics on the walls that you seem to understand. You remember this place from another time and you wonder when you have been here before. You see a door and walk through the door into a beautiful Red room.

Red Room: In this room you see all the shades of red from a deep crimson to scarlet and all shades in between. Imagine the root chakra, at the base of your spine, being healed by this room. The root chakra is connected to feeling safe and protected on the Earth. Stay in this room until you feel at one with the Earth and all of her abundance. When you are ready you walk up some steps to another door. This is the Orange room

Orange room: Every shade of orange is here from deep orange to the palest peach. This room is connected to your sacral chakra, which is just below the navel, and is where strong emotions can be held such as fear. Working on this chakra can bring Joy into your life and enhance your creativity. When you are ready move out of this room up the steps into the Yellow room.

Yellow room: This room has all the shades of yellow from the brightest sunshine yellow to the palest of lemon. This room connects to your solar plexus, above the navel, and is the seat of your power and intelligence. Imagine this colour healing you and showing you your life’s purpose. When you are ready walk up the steps to the Green room.

Green room: Green is connected to your Heart Chakra. All shades of green are here, from the deepest emerald to a light lime green. Bathe in these colours and stay here for as long as you like, to feel the Love from your family and friends. When you are ready walk up the steps to the Pink room.

Pink room: This room has deep rose pinks to the lightest baby pinks. It is connected to your High heart chakra, in the area of your thymus gland, and is connected to Unconditional Love from the Universe. Stay here for as long as you like to connect with All that is. Then you move up to the Blue room.

Blue room: The blues in this room vary from the palest sky blue to the deepest ocean blue. This room is connected to the throat chakra and links to you speaking your Truth. Stay here to help you connect with your own voice. When you are ready move upwards towards the Indigo room.

Indigo room: This room has shades of deep blue and purple and connects with the third eye. Healing your third eye in this room will connect you with your own intuition. Stay here to enhance your intuitive powers and inner knowing. Now move up to the last room and you have reached the top of the pyramid to the White room.

White room: This room is of the brightest white light you can ever imagine and connects with your Crown chakra on the top of your head. This chakra connects you to all the wisdom of the Universe.

Here you will find a table and chairs. Sit down at the table. Now bring into the room the person that you feel that you have the most problem with, in this life. Imagine this person in all of his/her aspects. Ask this person to sit down at the table with you. This person is now a being of Light, as are you. The personality that you know is just a small part of the being that he/she is. You both have your Guides and Angels around you.

Now you can talk to them. Say everything that you want to say and exactly how you are feeling towards them and how they have upset you.Bring out your feelings towards them whether it be anger, sadness or hatred. Tell this person exactly how you feel. Do not hold back.

When you have finished, let this other person speak and listen to what they have to say and hear his/her side of the story. You may be surprised by what you hear. Talk to each other until you have said all that you wanted to say. Now it is important for you to Forgive this person for what they have done or said to you. You may also ask them to forgive you. This may be difficult if he/she has committed a very serious crime and you feel that you have done no wrong. It takes practice but eventually over time, this is the only way for you to find inner peace.

Ask your Angels, Guides and your own Higher selves to help you to understand what has happened between you and for you both to come to a resolution and understanding of the problem between you. This is a powerful exercise and be assured that there will be an improvement in your relationship or this person will disappear from your life and no longer be able to affect you.

You can ask another person who has harmed you to enter the room and repeat the process. You can also work with many people at one time.

When you have forgiven others who have harmed you, you can now bring into the room anyone that you feel that YOU may have harmed or upset and ask for their forgiveness.

You can then forgive yourself for anything that you feel that you may have done wrong and you can ask the Angels to forgive you and give you healing.

When have finished and you are ready, go back down the stairs, through the indigo room, the blue room, the pink room, the green room, the yellow room, the orange room and into the red room. Open the door and walk out into the sunshine. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to full waking consciousness. Ground yourself knowing that much will have changed in your life by doing this meditation.

This meditation is a very powerful way to find a resolution to any problem that you have with others in your life. You all incarnated onto Earth in this life, for soul growth and you asked your soul mates to bring problems to your attention to help your soul growth. Once the lesson has been learned the person will either change or disappear from your life.

Forgiveness is the key to finding solutions to any problems that you have with any soul on the Earth. Anger against another can only harm you and gives them a power over you.

This process can be repeated many times and it may take time for you to come to a state of forgiveness. Forgiving people who have harmed you may be one of the most difficult things that you ever do but it is worth persevering and will be very rewarding.

Practise Forgiveness.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 10.02.2021.