Twenty-Two Days from Now

By Wayne Miller on February 10, 2021

Twenty-two days is the number of days between now and March 4, 2021. I still feel that day is significant. Why? It's the date set aside by our original Constitution, as Inauguration Day. And why do I think that's important, it's because we now are facing a new election mandated by NESARA, a date that must take place on or before March 2nd. Since the new Republic is now in place under our original Constitution, the timing is right, and why wouldn't we use the date our founding document says we should use to install a new President (leader)?

I've read on this site as well as others, that Donald J. Trump was sworn in on January 11, 2021 as Commander-in-Chief. I can't say who it was that swore him in, nor can I find anything in the Constitution that provides for that happening on a date such as the 11th of January. But, it is said he became the 19th President of the Republic, on that date. Perhaps since his term had expired at noon on the 20th of January, and we were a country without a President, special circumstances were allowed. It's been years since I read the Constitution, so like many other things, I may simply have forgotten a possible Article that may have addressed the use of special circumstances.

Many of you may be thinking about B*iden. Isn't he President? The simple answer is NO. He ran for the President of a defunct United States Corporation. A corporation that is nonexistent needs no President. That's just one of many points that proves he is a fake President.

I do know that that President Trump signed a new Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 2020, on the 244th anniversary of the beginning of our Republic, freeing us from the hold the 2nd Constitution (which turned us into a corporation in 1871) had on us, returning us to the Constitution ratified in 1789.

Trump supporters please do not give up now. You've been fighting for President Trump, for over 4 years. Some of you think the B*iden administration is real, it isn't. The war has been won. Too many of you are losing faith because you haven't seen the victory with your own eyes. Many of you know, by Biblical definition, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Holy Bible, KJV. Keep the faith, we are so close to a considerable amount of disclosure, it will allow you to see, and It will wake up the masses.

The way I see it, these are the things that must be done in the next twenty-two days arising from the fact that NESARA, was brought out by the Executive Order signed on November 2, 2020.

1. We need to have a significant disclosure of many of the atrocities committed by the Sat*anists in government, both Democrats and Republicans, not only at the federal level, but at the state, and local levels as well. In addition to government personnel, we need to look at the evil perpetrated by heads of corporations, and the massive amounts of Sat*anists in all aspects of the entertainment industry, with Pedowood (Hollywood) at the forefront. I'm not as aware of how widespread Sat*anism is in the Sporting Industry, but you can be certain when big money is a stake corruption is right there as well .And last, but certainly not least, are those bad actors in law enforcement, and the judicial system. NOTE: Disclosure will be the single most effective means of facilitating the "Great Awakening". Many of the sheeple that have been asleep perhaps all of their cognitive lives, will awaken when hearing actual confessions of the people they had put their trust in, and after seeing some of the sub-human activities they have been involved in.

2. Since NESARA was brought out by the Executive Order 13958, signed on 11-2-2020, by law we must have a new election within 120 days, creating a deadline for this election to take place by 3-2-2021.

3. Our next election will take place using the Quantum Voting System. Registration will be required before the vote is taken.

4. The election must be held. Using the QVS, results will be known almost instantaneously as the Quantum computer operates at the speed of light.

5. Finally, I believe 22 days from now, on March 4, 2021, the leader (whether it be a he/or she), in this case, I think we can surmise it will be DJT, will be installed as President or whatever title that is chosen for our new leadership. To me it makes sense since we are using our original Constitution, we would use the inauguration day as set aside in that Constitution - March 4th.

Many Patriots know much about what will soon be disclosed. And most Patriots are aligned with the Republican Party. But I hope by now Patriots also know there is no aisle running down the center of any large meeting room, in this case the Capitol Building, that separates good from evil. In our life times a majority of those seated on both sides of the aisle have been purchased and/or blackmailed into identifying and becoming part of the Sat*anic D*eep State Cabal. Those that have been blackmailed are by no means innocent victims. They positioned themselves to be blackmailed by their lust for money, power, or perhaps they were knowingly searching for a means to help slow down their aging process through a drug called adrenochrome. If you know nothing about adrenochrome, this would be a good place to begin researching to find information on your own.

I know there are many good people that vote democrat. However, because you voted democrat in this past election, it showed you didn't have a clue what type of man you were voting for. He's a traitor to this country, and much worse than even that. Being a traitor, if convicted brings with it a death sentence. B*iden, has had some of his own family ki*lled to gain higher rank in his Sat*anic secret society. Also, when you come to find out about how he has traffic*ked many hundreds of thousands of ba*bies, chi*ldren, and even adults which were tor*tured, ra*ped, ki*lled, had their bo*dies torn apart, and even eaten as part of their Sat*anic rituals, you will get physically sick knowing you ever supported them. I want to give you heads up on things you are about to learn. you are about to find out how sick, evil, and deranged, the people are you supported. But like I said many, many, Republicans are just as evil. The battle being fought is between evil, and good. Sat*an, is evil, God, is good, and we know God wins, He already has.

Twenty-two days is all we have to take us to a new level of worldwide greatness. Keep praying for the safety of all in the Alliance, and all of their families. Pray that all the children and adults in captivity will be rescued by our brave military, and that they will be restored to complete physical and mental health. Pray for the warriors that are rescuing all those held in the tunnels and DUMBS. I pray that there will come the technology that will be necessary to help them erase the things they are seeing from their minds, so they will be able to enjoy their lives after their service to our country.

May God bless you all, and may God bless America.



Wayne Miller