20 and Back - Corey Goode

20 and Back (the series) is based on the epic true-life account of Corey Goode, who was taken by the military to serve in the secret space program for 20 years.
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At the end of his service, He was age regressed, mind-wiped, and returned to earth on the same day he originally left. Corey resumed a normal life on earth until memories of alien battles and space adventures began to surface - threatening his safety and the safety of his family!
We follow the story of a young boy, Corey Goode. Corey dreams of flying pirate ships at night. It’s the late 70’s and early 80’s, Corey is struggling to fit in at school. Through testing, he’s identified as exceptional. He is offered an escape in a military prep program (MILAB) under the guise of a decade long series of extracurricular classes.
MILAB is filled with scary and magical technology that’s well ahead of its time. Through his training, Corey's innate empathic ability is revealed - putting him in the middle of an epic temporal battle going on within our Galaxy.