Whenever you feel sad or down, take the time to go out into Nature. There are many dimensions which cannot be seen by the human eye but they still do exist. Even if it seems inhospitable and the weather is not to your liking, take the time to connect with the Nature Spirits. These spirits look after the plants, trees, rivers, mountains and rocks. By connecting with these spirits you can access ancient wisdom for they have been doing this work for a very long time.

Today's Western society had become so dependent on technology and was moving away from Nature. People were so used to rushing backwards and forwards to work and sometimes never seeing the light of day. Children were growing up not knowing where their food came from. No wonder modern society was not happy. There is more Hope now as in these current times, people are actually having to work more from their homes and are at last beginning to wake up to the benefits that being in Nature can bring.

Cultures that live off the land and work with the cycles of Nature, live in harmony with the Earth. The stages of the Moon and tides are very important to man which has in some ways been forgotten. The Moon affects the tides and the Moon also affects the human body as it is made up of up to 60% water. Look to the Moon and Sun for your sustenance. Work with the cycles of the Moon. The Full Moon is a time for endings and the New Moon a time for beginnings. Work your manifestations into this routine.

Work also with the Sun. Respect her power but do not hide away from her Light completely for without her you would die. Many people in the Northern hemisphere do indeed have a problem called Seasonal Affective Disorder in Winter, due to being in lack of her wonderful Light. Go out when the Sun shines and take advantage of her rays even if they may not seem as strong in winter, they can still help you to avoid your sadnesses. SAD lights can help, as can taking supplements and meditating on the Sun.

It is vital to keep a connection to the Earth and the Planets for they can all have an effect on you. You are not the only living creatures in the Universe. We are from Sirius and many of our inhabitants are incarnating on Earth to help humanity to evolve. Many are feeling homesick and a long way from home. They do not understand how Earthlings behave as they do. Beings from Sirius have evolved past the need for arguments and wars. These blessed souls elected to come down to Earth at this time to help humanity to evolve. Some are having a hard time coming to terms being in a human body, sometimes for the first time. They are here to help in any way that they can, but you have to ask them. They know the value of being in Nature and constantly work with Nature intuitively for their sustenance.


Take 3 big deep breaths and imagine yourself in a beautiful place in Nature. This can be in a garden, by water, in a meadow, on a mountain or a beach. Wherever you feel safe and secure. As before use all of your senses to really feel yourself there. Now lie down on the ground in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Relax for a moment and just enjoy the peace of this place.

Now feel where your body touches the ground, feel the warmth of the Love that is coming to you from the centre of the Earth, from your beloved Mother Gaia. Imagine your whole body melting into the Earth and becoming one with her. An umbilical cord stretches from your stomach to the very core of the Earth. This is a beautiful liquid crystal which nurtures and sustains you. You are now a part of everything on Earth. It is as if you are back in your own Mother's womb, safe, warm and secure. You can communicate with Gaia and she with you.

Talk to her and listen to what she says to you (Wait for a few seconds and you will hear a clear message). Ask Gaia what you need to be healed and what she needs in return from you (Wait again for a reply). When you have learned the lessons and are willing to do what is needed, thank Gaia for always being there for you and sustaining you. Stay in this beautiful place for as long as you want and enjoy the peace and serenity of her being.

When you are ready come back to the surface of the Earth, where you are lying. Now imagine looking up to the heavenly blue sky. Imagine a beautiful bright white shining Light coming towards you from the sky and as it reaches you, it turns into a rainbow and lands at your feet. The rainbow is a ladder onto which you can step. Are you ready to step onto the ladder? Step onto the ladder if you are ready and it whisks you up to a magical place. Some call this Heaven, Shamballa or Paradise. What does this place look like to you? Who is there? What are the sights, sounds and smells? What does it taste or feel like?

You can then see a serene gentleman coming towards you. He looks like the wisest being you have ever seen. This is your heavenly Father in the sky.
Sit down with your Father and feel completely at ease with him. Talk for awhile and tell him about your life and listen to what he has to say to you. He is so interested in your life and is enjoying hearing about your achievements but also about your disappointments but he does not judge you.

He tell you that he Loves you very much, and he wants the very best for you. He is not condemning you for anything that you have done, for you have learned from every experience good or bad. He allays all of your fears as he just wants the very best for you. He then asks you what you want in your life on Earth right now.

You tell him and He says:

"Your wish is my command. Whatever you want you shall receive. You are the master of your own destiny and I can help you create what you want. Together we can co-create the world that you want for yourself and those around you. A world of Peace and Joy for all. You have to let me take the reins and your life will be Joyful and Happy. Are you ready to let go of your control? Are you ready to let go of all your worries, financial, emotional and physical? Can you learn to have Fun, to Enjoy and learn to Receive? Are you ready to do all the things that you want to do, no matter what the obstacles that appear to be in your path? My dear child, your Earth Mother and I only want the best for you, are you ready to work with us now? Are you ready to wake up? Are you ready to co-create a beautiful life for yourself and those around you? You must first learn to ASK, you must learn to RECEIVE, you must learn to ENJOY. Whatever is in your HEART is my calling to you, to do everything that brings you JOY. What is in your HEART right now? Go now my child and know that I will always be with you, whenever you want to speak to me. All you have to do, is to sit still and silently listen to my words. BLESS you dearest one, and thank you being my child.“

Now thanking your Father and Mother for their help and remembering their words. Know that you can meet with them anytime that you need help in your life by going back to this beautiful place in Nature. When you are ready, slowly come back to the room. Open your eyes and come back to full waking reality, feeling totally refreshed, energised and completely protected. You are now ready to Co-Create your New life with Father Sky and Mother Earth as your Magical partners.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 17.02.2021