This Winter, the Flu Vanishes…or Does It?


“Calling BS on the Alleged Drop in Flu Cases from 400,000 Last Season to 165 This Season”

February 19, 2021, JD Rucker, NOQ Report

The cognitive dissonance required to accept these numbers is stunning. This is all part of a narrative supporting an agenda to keep the masses in the dark, compliant, and terrified. Conning people into conceding control to our “betters” is how they keep us in line.

Flu season came and went without ever actually existing this year. Doctors and mainstream media are putting forth every possible excuse for why it went from 400,000 hospitalized cases and 22,000 deaths last season to an infinitesimal 165 hospitalized cases this season, but very few of them are stating the most obvious reason.

They claim that since many are on lockdown, few children are in school, most are wearing masks, and all of the other things associated with China Virus protocols, it effectively eliminated the flu this season. Sadly, many are buying this excuse. The reality is this: There was likely a sharp drop in cases, possibly as few as 100,000. But to say it was essentially eliminated down to an average of just over three cases per state all season long is ludicrous.

For that to be the case, we would have also seen a tremendous drop in Covid-19 cases. The flu is nearly as contagious as the China Virus, so hitting the flu so effectively would have meant sharp drops in Covid cases. Instead, we saw spikes.

What nobody in mainstream media and [only] a handful of doctors are willing to acknowledge is the plain and straightforward answer: The flu didn’t disappear. It was merely misdiagnosed as Covid-19, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. Covid tests have been demonstrated to be inaccurate and the similarity to the flu and the common cold [is] enough to shift results. And if tests show Covid AND flu, then pretty much every doctor in America is going to label it as a Covid case.

All of this ties back to an agenda. Whether you want to call it The Great Reset or the New World Order, powers and principalities or the Chinese Communist Party world takeover, we know with a near certainty that they are at best using the so-called pandemic as an excuse to push their machinations forward. At worst, they may have participated in creating and spreading it as a catalyst to promote their nefarious plans.

I covered this in detail on the latest episode of NOQ Report. They’re trying to censor us, though. YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify banned us. Facebook continues to suppress us with yesterday’s show not viewable over something or another. We are blessed to still have Apple Podcasts, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Middle America Media, Freedom First Network, Brighteon, Rumble, Bitchute, and others that we can call home for the NOQ Report, but the avenues through which we can help spread the truth are dropping off quickly.

When I call out numbers like these, invariably people will ask me, “are you a doctor?” My reply is simple. “No, but I’m not an idiot either.” It takes full-blown cognitive dissonance to accept such ludicrous statistics without question.