Take control of your body's health. Whatever you believe in, will work for you, whether it is Western or Eastern Medicine or both, that is, as long as it is not harmful to you. Florence Nightingale once said "Do the patient no harm”. Unfortunately in disease based Western medicine this has almost become the routine. Most drugs have side effects and have been synthesised far away from the original plant or herb that it was based on. Western medicine tends to focus on a part of the body that is ill at ease and does not treat the body as a whole. Mind, Body and Spirit work as a team. When one is out of sync, the rest are. Believe in a healthy body and you will have one. If you are constantly focusing on the disease that you have, without understanding why you have it, you will get more of it. Whatever you focus on, you manifest. Dis-ease, as it says, is being out of ease with yourself. There is always a message when your body is out of ease and if you learn to read the message, you will eventually become healthy and happy. Ask your body what it wants. Ask each of the parts of your body how they are and whether there is anything that you need to do for them. Go within, meditate and ask your body how it feels. Ask your feet, hands, spine, heart and liver etc etc. If you listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. The mind cannot be separated from the body and this is now being proven by scientists. All molecules are connected and there is no vacuum. At this time on Earth stress can be a killer. Learn to meditate and find out what messages your body's illnesses are telling you, learn the lessons and the symptoms can be alleviated. Take regular exercise and feed your body natural, nutritious foods. Bless your food, mindfully tasting and enjoying it slowly. Eat healthy, organic foods uncontaminated by chemicals. Drink clean water. Learn what suits your body and what it needs to eat for its regrowth. Learn what your food intolerances might be. Build up your immune system by taking supplements if you feel that your diet is lacking in these. Do not dwell on disease, in time many diseases will disappear if your body is listened to. If you believe a cold will last for 3 days it will, whether you treat it or otherwise. Viruses will not grow in a happy and healthy immune system. Your body is full of so called good bacteria and viruses. It is only when these become out of control that your body becomes diseased. Work with your body instead of fighting it.



Take 3 big deep breaths and take yourself to your own sacred place. This may be a beautiful place in Nature, a mountain, a beach, a meadow, a cave or even a room in your own house. Make sure that this is where you feel happy, safe and secure. Now imagine a Blue, Healing Light coming down from the Universe and opening the Crown Chakra on top of your head. Imagine this Light relaxing and cleansing every muscle on your scalp. Bring the Light down the back of your head and into your neck, relaxing the muscles in your neck. Now bring the Light into your face, behind your eyes, your ears and your cheeks. Let your jaw relax and drop. Imagine the Light coming into your shoulders, down your arms, hands and fingers relaxing and cleansing. Let the Light come down in front of your chest, relaxing your breathing even further and into your abdomen. Now imagine the Light coming down the back of your spine, one vertebrae at a time into your waist and hips. Let the light come down into your legs relaxing and cleansing as it goes into your feet and toes. You now feel completely relaxed. Now imagine that you can shrink yourself down to being a very tiny person able to go inside of your own body. Go into the part of your body that needs the most healing and ask that part what it needs for it to be healed. When you have an answer, fill it with the Blue Healing Light again. Tell that part that you have heard the message and how much you Love and appreciate it. Now repeat the process for the next part of your body that is out of ease. When you have finished go through your body again from head to toe telling each part of your body how much you appreciate and Love it. Promise that you will always listen to the messages that your body is telling you and thank it for being your greatest teacher. When you have finished, completely immerse yourself in the Blue Healing Light and relax for awhile. When you feel completely cleansed, open your eyes and come back to full waking consciousness grounding and sending roots from the souls of your feet down into the Earth. You may not be able to get clear messages from your body when you start this meditation but in time and with practice, you will soon be able to have clear communications with your body.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 25.02.2021