Learn about other cultures, practices and other ways of being.

Be Non-Judgemental. There is no right and there is no wrong, there just IS. Before criticising another and their way of being, look to how other people may criticise you. If something annoys you, it is often the very thing that you do not like in yourself or something within you that you lack. e.g. If you do not like confrontation you might have trouble communicating, and prefer to bottle things up, instead of attracting adverse comments from others. All of Life is learning about yourself and who you are. You are not on Earth to make money or become famous, you are here on Earth purely for soul growth. Earth is the perfect planet, where souls can experience everything, both good and bad. Souls incarnate on Earth to learn and grow.

Souls incarnate together in families to assist each other in this process and may have been doing so for millennia. Your greatest teacher could well be your worst enemy in the physical presence but in soul terms, your greatest friend. Many souls who incarnated as Germans in the Second World War have incarnated as Jews at the present time. Cultures who have learned to hate each other will have to keep coming back until they learn forgiveness and unconditional LOVE. The man called Hitler who caused so much havoc in the second World war, died and was incarnated after the war as a poverty stricken child in South America. Souls come together to experience what they need, to become whole and to right any wrongs in past lives. Know for sure that you have experienced everything in a past life. Good, Evil, Man, Woman, Black, White, Moslem, Jew, Christian or Atheist.

It is all a part of YOU and your own experience, to become the best that you can be. Everyone and everything is a part of the Great being that is called God or The One and as such, how can you hate any part of you. When you hate a diseased part of you, you are in fact hating yourself. You need to learn to Love every part of you including every single creature on Earth. You are all a part of an amazing Universe which is far, far bigger than you or anyone else can imagine. At this time on Earth there is a great movement from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above. Many souls incarnated to help the Earth's Ascension. Those souls who have been trying to control the planet for eons are now having to learn to let go of their old learned ways. These so called evil ones are merely players on the stage that is Earth today. Unless they transform and grow they have no place in a 5th Dimensional world of Love and Light.

All souls on Earth are now here to Ascend to a new way of being on the planet. Many souls who have not achieved a certain level of growth will not be allowed to stay. Much Light is being flooded on to the planet to assist this growth. Do not be surprised if those who you thought were beyond redemption, transform into glorious human beings as their soul transcends with Love and Forgiveness. This can happen in an instant as they finally learn the lesson. When you hate another you are hating a part of yourself. As Jeshua said on the cross "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Instead of hating those who you feel are evil, have compassion for them, send them your LOVE and LIGHT for they will then have an opportunity to Transcend. This is a great teaching at this present time. KEEP AN OPEN MIND.


Take 3 big deep breaths and go into progressive relaxation as before. Ask your Guides and Angels to be with you to protect you in unconditional Love. Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden. Use all of your senses to be in the garden. See the flowers and grasses, hear the birds sing, touch the trees, smell the perfume, taste the fruits. You see a winding path which leads down to the end of the garden. At the end of the garden there is a gate. What does the gate look like? There is a special way to open the gate that only you know how. You know that when you open the gate, it will lead to a completely different land to the one where you live now. Take a few moments to ask yourself whether you are ready to go to this special place. If the answer is Yes, open the gate in the way that you know.

You step out into a landscape that is new to you. What is the weather like? Is it hot or cold? Look down at your feet, what are you wearing on your feet? What clothes are you wearing? Are you male or female and how old are you? Do you have a name? Now walk out into the land and find where you live in this place. What does your home look like? Do you have a family. Who are they? Do you recognise them in your current life? Do you believe in a God here? Where do you worship? Try to experience everything about this new land. What is your work? Where do you go to relax? Imagine what happens next, remembering all that time that this is just a story and everything is in your imagination. Ask your higher self to show you something about this strange place that you do not know already. If you are happy in this place, stay for awhile and experience all the sights and sounds. If you are not at ease here, find another gate and move onto another land and experience all that there is to know there. When you are ready, go back through the gate and back into the present time. Slowly come back to full waking consciousness and ground yourself.

You came to Earth to experience everything and that means learning about other cultures from your own. In a past life you may well have been someone who you would not like now. Do not berate yourself, you needed to experience that life to understand how you became to be in that life, to learn to be non- judgemental about everyone and everything. The most evil person that you can imagine does what he does through learned behaviour. You may have no idea why that soul is how he is and what he has experienced in his life. He needs your Love, not your hate, to transform and grow as you have. This meditation can sometimes bring up strong emotions which can be linked to a past life experience. Your higher self has brought this to your attention to deal with. Be gentle with yourself and if you have strong issues which you cannot deal with yourself, seek help from a friend or therapist. In time on repeating this meditation you may find that you are moving away from experiencing a learning in a past life and you may be moving forward into a future life. You are then dreaming your New World into existence.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 02.03.2021