"The QFS is the New Gold Standard" by Ron Giles - 2.27.21


I guess we didn’t learn from history about the old Gold Standard and so now, the "Powers That Be" may be setting us up for another major letdown - again.

Nixon took us off the gold standard with the wisk of a pen. He said there were gold investors manipulating the gold prices, and that affected our currency value so he took us off the gold standard for a two-week period to let things settle down; it has lasted close to 60 years.

So all you would be financial reformers, why are you taking us through this again? Who is in charge of this Gold Standard travesty? Is it the Cabal/Socialists/Communists or is it the Patriots?

Are the Powers That Be (PTB) using the term Gold Standard instead of the word "Gold-Backed" currency? Does anybody know the difference? Does anybody care? And does anybody know the difference between Gold-Backed and Asset-Backed? If you listen to the rhetoric in the news, they either don’t seem to know the difference or they don’t care, as long as it sounds like things are changing for the better, or so it seems. It's like going from a dead financial system to a sick Gold Standard financial system instead of embracing a system that has healed the root causes of a sick or dead system and gone on to an actual gold-backed financial system that supports humanity.

The Quantum Financial System

We are going into the greatest financial system this world has ever known. The system I will describe below has been agreed upon by all 209 countries of the world, along with GESARA. It’s called the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

Quantum: in this case means overseer by a sentient being. It is not Artificial Intelligence, it is Actual Living Intelligence that has been given to us by God to protect this new Financial system.

Financial: means money, as in a medium of exchange. In the QFS, there exists, not just a pile of gold in each country to back their national currency, but an actual vault of gold that has been set apart, identified, and secured for the purposes of backing every currency in every nation who are GESARA Compliant. The Gold backing is accomplished by a Digital Gold Certificate that acts as a single increment of currency in any nation’s currency. The Gold Certificate refers back to a single kilo brick of gold that is identified by its serial number. When the QFS is activated there will be a snapshot taken of the price of Gold at that moment. That value will then quantify the number of increments of currency that, that kilo of gold can back. The Digital Gold Certificate will forever reflect back to that serial number on that particular kilo of Gold that has been set apart, now identified, and is safe and secure in the vault along with all the other kilo bricks of Gold that will Gold-Back every increment of currency in the world.

System: an organized way to use a medium of exchange to do commerce between individuals or between nations. This is a worldwide Economic system. The QFS is a huge ledger of accounts that are balanced with every transaction in the world in a nano-second of realtime. All QFS financial transactions are an account to account transfer of digital gold certificates. There is no need for a third-party agency to be involved. The owner of the funds accesses their account and initiates the transfer. Nobody else is involved. The receiver of the funds can watch and see the funds reflect in their account if they are online watching their account.

So why don’t we begin to understand the difference between the Gold Standard of the Nixon era, and the Gold-Backed system in the Quantum Financial System?

Why would you ever want a system that can be destroyed by a leader in any country in the world on a whim or a devious plan to manipulate and take over the world’s financial system? Why would you leave it up to each government to audit their own stockpile of gold every year to be sure that they have not been selling their gold which would lower the value of their currency between nations; if you go with the Gold Standard, that’s what you would have to do. And then every year you would have to adjust the value of each country’s currency between another country's currency and then adjust the trading value of each transaction internationally. That is the Gold Standard. It is fraught with the possibilities of corruption to take place. With the gift of the QFS, God has shut the door on corruption to ever take place on the earth's financial system again.

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) takes place at the same time that the QFS will be activated. This resets all currencies of the world to a gold-backed system that's on par value with all others. It’s a major change but one that has to take place. All digital Gold Certificates represent an increment of currency. The certificates are all equal regardless of the currency. This means that there will never again be manipulations of currencies by any individual nation against another. The QFS is a system that can never be tampered with.

The QFS is a gift from God that came with a highly evolved spiritual overseer that will ensure the money of the world will be protected from manipulation, theft, or tampering.

With the QFS, came Universal laws for its use. This is clean money and the overseer will not let this money became dirtied by any entity, person, organization, or government. Any attempts made to use this money for illegal, unethical, or any other abuses, will be blocked. The QFS could be considered the protector of funds to keep it pure.

For those who think the QFS is taking away your financial freedom, you are welcome to use your goods for barter instead. But once you make a decision that might be abusive to another and use barter, you may find that all of your other activities will be blocked. It’s going to be really hard for some to realize that God is now involved at this level for mankind. Others will embrace it as a Godsend.

Exchanges and Redemptions

Exchanges, where funds are put into the QFS, will be subject to these QFS rules. The exchanges of devalued currencies are the bank's responsibilities because these currencies, the Dong, Dinar, etc. are Fiat currencies created by the Central Bank banking system. It is their creation, not God's. Exchanging your currencies in and by the QFS is a gift that has been extended to currency holders. If you don’t like the terms then continue to try and exchange at a bank – for another 20 years or so. It is always your choice.

The redemption of Zim Bonds has different parameters. Redemption funds are given to Humanitarians only. Let me really emphasize that again. The redemption of Zim Bonds using Gold-Backed funds in the QFS is for Humanitarians only. The funds are to be used by Humanitarians to do humanitarian work. It becomes their stewardship from God.

The QFS is a gift from God. The gold, backing the QFS currencies, is a gift from the Chinese Elders and not the CCP. This is all being administered by the Alliance in cooperation with God and the Elders.

Mankind, as the collective. has not taken care of its stewardship. We have allowed the dark side to infiltrate and take over the world. Perhaps not you or me or our parents, etc. but the collective as a whole, we have even let Gods’ son and other Holy men and women be killed.

God has now decreed that enough is enough, and is sending His angels and warriors to cleanse the earth, so we can start all over again. The gift of the Quantum Computer and the other associated gifts are the tools we will need to create Heaven on Earth and bring forth the Golden Age of Mankind. The free agency of one man will not be allowed to be taken over by another. Not one of the persons present on this earth has given their free agency to another to allow themselves to knowingly be made a slave. Our free agency to be free is now being given back to us. We have the tools to come from our hearts and change the course of mankind. The Mercy of God will not rob Justice, this is true, but the Real Mercy of God is now being spread over those who have been enslaved and we are being given the truth that will make us free again, free to bring forth Heaven on earth. This means not one person will be left out of the world economy and will now be able to share their unique gifts that they have to offer to society.

Is it so hard to see why there are strict parameters involved with those who will receive these funds? It will be used for Humanity and not used to create wealth for the greedy who have very little interest in helping others.

My suggestion to those who have felt anxiety with my pronouncements and who feel they are being corralled into something they are not interested in, it might be a good time to sense your opposition to this and why this might be affecting you this way. This is just a heads up to what you might expect at your redemption appointment. Recognize that things are changing, things will never be the same again. It might be difficult if you are a wifebeater, or a child abuser, or one who only thinks about themselves. Society is changing where none of those things will be overlooked as just a normal way of living. If you raise a hand to another to teach them a “lesson,” there might be a bigger one who raises their hand against you to teach you a lesson. in kindness. A few gentle nudges in the right direction always come before the two-by-four upside the head.

The bottom line for this post is this. The Gold Standard will not be the standard in the Quantum Financial System. A country's gold will not back its currency. Gold now becomes a commodity and might not be used as currency anymore; not with the gold-backed currencies contained within the QFS. Everything is changing to a better way of international commerce. It is time to use the term "Gold-Backed" which better describes our new financial system. The Gold Standard belies the same old - same old, that has been the demise of our present financial system. And as bad as the old system has been for humanity, perhaps the Gold Standard has been seen as a step in the right direction for humanity before we can comprehend the QFS. This may be true but the Gold Standard is not going to be around for very long as the new QFS is on the brink of being activated. You might want to change your thinking way beyond the dysfunctional Gold Standard concept and think how things will be in the new Quantum Financial System where a truly gold-backed system resides that will last until we transition into the Fifth Dimension. Those who say the QFS has been activated mistake for the QFS for the Quantum Computer. The QFS is an application within the Quantum Computer. The QFS is simply a worldwide ledger system of debit and credits for accounts within the QFS. The Quantum Computer has been active for a very long time in parallel with the Central Bank banking system. It knows where the money is and has useable data that tells law enforcement where the money came from and where it is right now. Trump truly has it all.

Blessings to all, and to all, be a blessing

Ron Giles