James Gilliland: Why We Don’t Have Contact


When we say we don’t have contact we have to qualify contact. There has been contact since the beginning of humanity, civilizations have come and gone often due to the influence of imbalances and power struggles within their societies. Some perished, some continued having to start over as primitives, some continued to evolve spiritually and technologically. Those who have continued to evolve spiritually went back to the stars, the original colonies, “civilizations” came from the stars. 
Now we are going to have to play how big is your God. Were there advanced civilizations on Earth in the past? Could the bearded gods of old be the leaders of these ancient lost worlds? Who were the Greek gods, the Egyptian gods, the gods and goddesses of ancient history? Are there other civilizations from the stars thousands, millions even billions of years older than us and would they be referred to by primitive people as gods? Who or what created them? Is God Male/Female androgenous a blend of both existing beyond the need for physicality or polarity? There are some that refer to God as the void, nothingness, empty space, impersonal. Others say the Creator is personal omnipresent within all Creation the wellspring of all light, sound and vibration. The original Lords Prayer in Aramaic attests to this. What if everyone was right according to their level of awareness. What if God could not be capsulized in words or images, even the sacred texts? Limited as it may be what if God was the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse? Beyond intergalactic even interdimensional? The vastness of Creation is as large as our knowledge, our ability to expand in awareness. How much of Creation can we allow to be a part of our reality? This is the core issue concerning contact.
Not all creation is alike, there are different intentions, cultures and ways as above so below. Some beings are rather bizarre looking yet are very enlightened with good intentions, some may look beautiful by our standards and be self-serving, have negative intentions. How can you tell who is who and how will you react to beings completely outside your box? Will you react with fear, aggression, worship them as Gods? All three are inappropriate behavior. How will our leaders greet them? See them as a threat, try to get technology from them at any cost? How about your military, will they stand down and open a peaceful dialog? How many of your leaders live according to Universal Law? How many take the moral high ground? How would the press react, what spin would they put on it? How would the war and disease profiteers react to a power so far beyond theirs war would be obsolete? How would big pharma, the hospitals react to energetic healing, technologies that would actually heal without the use of drugs? What would the coal and oil industries do when technology is made available to provide all of our energy and transportation needs fuellessly. What would religions do when they find out the external gods they perpetuate were advanced beings, not Gods who behaved both positive and negative throughout history and there is no middle man/woman necessary to make one’s own personal connection? What if these amazing beings exist in the unified field within which we all exist only they have more access to it?
The big thousand dollar question is who would these spiritually and technologically advanced beings contact? Who on Earth has the spiritual awareness and moral compass necessary to interact with these beings? Who in your governments, your business and religions institutions? Who as their prime directive would do what is best for humanity and the Earth without personal motive? Now do you understand why spiritually and technologically advanced beings avoid contact with the masses and the majority of leadership on Earth?
The spiritual awareness is absent in in most cases the moral compasses are broken. This brings us to the UFO community. Did you know many in the UFO community are working arm and arm, being financed by the global elite participating in a controlled narrative? Many have close ties to Satanic/Luciferian groups who do despicable acts to children. Yet these very same people are the go to people, they get all the press, they are the top of the ladder in the UFO community. Do you think they have the spiritual awareness and moral compass for contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, ancient ancestors returning?  They are sponsored by the Satanic/Luciferian tyrants that have impoverished and enslaved humanity for thousands of years? The war and disease profiteers whose motto is keep them sick, poor and stupid. What can you expect from these people other than a controlled narrative, disinformation? Who do they owe their allegiance too? Will the masses ever have contact under the present circumstances? No. Will those who are striving to expand in awareness, aligned with service to others and of good moral compass have contact. Yes, but not by following those who don’t. 
It was once said Universal Peace shall not come through governments or religions but through the hearts and minds of the people. It is the same with contacting spiritually advanced beings. They operate according to Universal Law. We have to rise to the occasion. Not fall for the hype of Hollywood and the controlled narrative. It takes an open mind, loving heart and pure intent especially when it comes to working with these amazing beings. Sad to say most institutions fall short. Even the UFO community does not have its priorities in order, fame and making a buck is not the proper motive.  There is however contact with beings of a lessor nature which sad to say many knowingly and some in ignorance have opened the doors. By their actions, associations, and frequency you will know them. Just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened. Just because you are an ET does not mean you are benevolent. It is the height of ignorance, irresponsibility and dangerous to open the door to any unseen entity without creating sacred space. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you will contact. This is the same with leaders of ill intent lacking discernment and moral compass leading those who are gullible in the downward spiral. 
Now you know why the masses have not had contact. If you are going to go on this journey, do it right. The key is not in following, it is in personal empowerment. It is developing your own inner sensitivity to discern who is who and what is right for you. 
Be well, the heavens are waiting.
James Gilliland