Connect with your higher self, whether it be, The Universe, God, The One or just You.

There are many higher beings available to help you. e.g. Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and many planetary beings in the different Dimensions. Living in the 3rd Dimension on Earth, you can learn to connect with beings in Higher dimensions. Open your mind to the higher dimensions through clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Seeing, feeling and hearing. Learn to talk and listen to these higher beings to help with your own problems. Ask for advice.

If you sit still and ask a question you will always get an answer. In this modern day world, many people have been used to rushing around without ever sitting still and being in the silence. At this present time of Transformation, give yourself an opportunity to go within and connect with other dimensions. There are many, many loving beings in these dimensions with whom to connect. They cannot interfere with your life unless you ask. Be open to channel them but always ask for this to be done in Unconditional Love.

Be aware that there can be some negative entities who could cause problems by giving out false information. A true helper will only offer guidance and will never tell you what to do. You have free will to do whatever you like with the advice that you get. The most important being is your own higher self who is a part of everything that is and ever has been. You just have to ASK and listen.



Keep a notepad and pen beside you. Sit or lie down with your back straight. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful Silver blue healing light coming down from the Universe and flooding your whole body, from the Crown of your head to the very tips of your toes. Imagine this Light healing and cleansing all of the 7 main chakras in your body from front to back.

Crown - Third Eye - Throat - Heart - Solar Plexus - Sacral - Root

Now imagine this healing light going down through the roots, growing from the soles of your feet, and sending it down to the Great Crystal that is the core of the Earth. Send your Love to the Earth and imagine Earth's Love coming back to your body through your feet to your Heart chakra. Bathe in this Unconditional Love for as long as you like. Now you are totally relaxed, you are in touch with your higher self and can ask any question or advice in dealing with any problem that you may have. Imagine what your higher self would look like. It could be a Wise man, an Angel, a God, Goddess, a bird, an animal, a mythical creature, an older version of you or an alien being.

Trust anything that first comes into your mind. Sit down with your higher self and get to know them and talk to him/her as you would a friend. Ask your higher self it's name. What does he/she look, sound and feel like. Be completely at home with this new wise friend. Imagine the two of you surrounded in a bubble of pink light. Ask for your guidance to be given in unconditional love. Tell your higher self about any problems that you are having in life and listen to the wise advice you are given. You can also ask your higher self any question that you do not know the answer to or help you to find something that you have lost. When you have finished, relax for a time and assimilate all that you have heard knowing that you will remember everything that you have been told when you are awake. When you are ready, imagine all of your chakras being healed and cleansed and your whole body covered in Archangel Michael's beautiful blue cloak of protection. You can also imagine your aura being protected by whatever means comes to mind, it could be a suit of armour, an invisible cloak, a spiritual emblem such as a cross or a pyramid. When you are ready come back to full waking consciousness and ground yourself.

Write down in your notebook, all of your experiences. Do not be perturbed if answers do not come immediately, your questions will always be answered. This may be in a dream or in a flash of inspiration when you are awake. Sometimes you will be given images or pictures that your subconscious will understand. Sometimes another person in your life will answer your question. Your higher self is in touch with everything that exists and knows everything that has ever been. Your higher self is your highest guide known to you and your very best friend. He/She knows everything about you. As you repeat this meditation you may find that the image of your higher self changes. When you are awake you can ask your higher self guidance on anything practical, such as what clothes and colours to wear when you dress in the morning. You can ask where to go, what to do or who to see. Practise listening to the advice of this wise counsel, have fun and you will begin to see amazing results in your life, there are no limits to this. Trust this special intuition, that you can access any time that you need.



Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 5.3.2021