Concentrate on the positive aspects of your being and eliminate the negative. Get rid of anger and fear. Even the so called higher beings are learning from humans on Earth. This dear child is an evolved soul from Sirius who came down to Earth to help humans evolve at this special time in Earth's history. Souls who incarnated on Earth from Sirius or other Stars and Planets in your Universe can be called Starseeds. On the whole they are highly evolved, loving beings and sometimes find it hard understanding others who are less than loving. They are constantly feeding back information from their subconscious. It is a learning for all of us.

We urge you to work on yourselves, to find new positive ways of being. If you concentrate on the positive aspects of yourself and others, no problems can exist and only solutions can be found. You are all dear children of the Universe and have done nothing wrong. The anger that you may feel about others, needs to be dissipated before it goes within to create dis-ease within your body. The mind and body are closely linked. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create feelings and feelings can linger in the cells of your body creating a dis-harmony unless released. Repressed anger can cause depression, arthritis, cancer and many other problems that can show up in your body. These show up in your body to inform you that you have strayed from the path of unconditional Love.

Fear is the opposite of Love. If you truly Love yourself and have Faith in the One there can be no fear. Souls never die, even if your body has come to the end of its being. With enough Faith the body can last far longer than the bible's three score year and ten. Believe in yourself as young and you will be. There is no need to grow old, it is just a state of mind. Cells in your body are constantly renewing and changing. The cells in your body can completely change every two years. What does not sometimes change is your belief system that says that you have to grow old. If you change this belief, the cells in your body will follow suit. Say to yourself an affirmation such as "I am young in mind and body“.

Getting rid of negative traits in yourself involves searching and listening to your emotions. Nobody can ever make you feel anything unless something inside of yourself feels that way. Your body is an amazing teacher so do learn to listen to its lessons. If someone presses your buttons, so to speak, and makes you feel sad or angry, go within and ask yourself why. Somewhere in your past, maybe your childhood, you may have been hurt in some way. You may have been told by a parent or teacher that you are no good at certain things such as writing, painting or singing and you grow up believing that. You may have grown up in a dysfunctional household with not much Love and you grow up not being able to love yourself, let alone another. A child learns from those around him/her and when those people are less than positive, they bring those learnings through to adulthood. This is what you came to Earth to learn, so learn now to concentrate on the positive and eliminate the negative from your life.



Lie down in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and deeply into your abdomen. Put your hands on your abdomen and if it rises you are breathing correctly. Practise this deep breathing for a minute or so. As before, breathe in calm and breathe out any tensions or worries. Relax every single muscle in your body in a progressive relaxation. When you are completely relaxed, ask your Guides and Angels to surround yourself in a healing Blue Light.

Now imagine that you feeling inside of your solar plexus chakra. Sometimes you may experience a strange feeling here when you do this. It may be likened to a feeling of excitement or fear. Take a very deep breath and breathe into this feeling. Ask this feeling why it is there and what it represents. Now go into the feeling and live the feeling. You may be thinking of a time when you have had a bad experience. Relive this time as if you were an actor on a stage knowing that your Guides and Angels are around you supporting and healing you. Having their support around you, can help you to overcome any negative feelings that you have about this experience and to be above any emotion that you might feel.

The Angels are encouraging you now to step out of your body and fly with them. You fly up to the sky. See the birds around you and look down to the Earth beneath your feet. Now go higher up to the Universe and the sky becomes a deep indigo blue. You see the Earth as a tiny pinpoint. Fly higher and see the planets and stars around you. You land on one of the planets. What does this planet look like? What do you see there? Imagine this place as a kind of heaven and your real home. Sit down with your Angels and take to them and ask them why you had this bad experience on Earth. Listen to what they say.

Your Angels now take you to a beautiful temple. You go inside and lie down on a bed and experience a beautiful Angelic healing session. This will heal any last residual negative feelings that you have about your bad experience. Stay here with the Angels, until you begin to understand the lesson that you have learned from this experience. Give this experience to the Universe and now let it go. When you are ready, say goodbye to this beautiful place, knowing that you can come back here anytime that you need to heal any experience that you have had and to understand the lessons that you are learning from this experience.

You fly back to Earth through the atmosphere feeling refreshed and positive about your future life. You land back on Earth and back into your room. Ground yourself and open your eyes. Come back to full waking consciousness, feeling refreshed and positive about your future life.
Any bad experience that you have in life can be a great learning for you, if you learn to look for the positive lesson in this. It is said, good always follows bad and every cloud has a silver lining etc etc. It is just a question of how we look at things.

After each meditation, imagine that you are being reborn into a new life and these experiences are experiences from a past life or even another person's experience. It could have been many years ago. Thinking about the experience that you have just healed, does it now feel as bad for you? The feelings that you have in your solar plexus can feel the same whether it is a good or bad experience, fear or excitement. Indeed your subconscious knows no difference. The difference is the thought that you are thinking at the time. Change your thinking and change your body experience. Learn to live your life as if it were a play and you are an actor on the stage of life. If you learn the lesson of Positivity, taking part in the experience of Life can now bring you great Joy.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 9.3.2021