TRANSFORMING DARKNESS INTO LIGHT - Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore on March 10, 2021


Good day beings of light! We see a lot of you have been following the events, narrative, and speculations as to what is truly occurring on your planet over the last year. As you are well aware, there are so called digital warriors who are instrumental in helping and guiding humanity at this time. Your world as it appears to you is being turned upside down. Day after day for quite some time now events and plans are revealing the dark, and transforming the dark into the light. This darkness has heavily weighed down your planet for a very long time.

Time to Rejoice

Moving forward it is a time to rejoice, and join with your brothers and sisters in heralding in a new time for all of humanity. Those of you reading this have all worked so hard to bring the new earth to fruition. Let us remind you that what is occurring to heal the planet and humanity all began with your inner soul work, which was in part taking care of your vehicle, and shining your light, day after day, for the benefit of all of humanity.

Those instrumental in orchestrating all the necessary changes have continually spoken about, “The Storm Is Upon Us”. This can be viewed from so many levels. As you know, your planet will move out of the darkness and enslavement wrought on humanity for eons of time. In essence this is a spiritual war taking place. Lightworkers and digital warriors are continuing to do their part to not only inform humanity of what is occurring, but also as to what is to come. The so called storm and subsequent steps thereafter, are all that has to occur in order to catapult the earth and humanity into the “Golden Age”.

This is an amazing time on your planet right now and may we remind you that you all volunteered to be here. Along with all of you, we in the higher realms have front row seats as to what is occurring on your planet at this time. We are ultimately cheering all of you on!

Your Job is to Hold the Light

All is Divinely orchestrated and planned to the nth degree. And your job as lightworkers is not only to help inform humanity, in some cases, as to what is occurring, but to stay in peace and hold the light while all is unfolding around you. So many people are extremely frustrated, and some are angry as to all of the insane restrictions being placed on humanity over the last year. May we suggest you sit back and ponder why these strict restrictions are playing out. Humanity as a whole still needs to continue to awaken to what you have endured for millennia. As we have expressed many times you cannot fix a problem if you do not actually know what the problem is. You have heard the expression, “ A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, humanity as a whole, needs to see these pictures – one after the other to truly comprehend what has and is transpiring on your planet.

Holding the light for yourself and humanity keeps the vibration higher for all of you. This is why you are consistently being advised to “Keep your vibration high!” One person’s light flows out exponentially to affect all of creation. Just that in itself is extremely powerful! It all begins with one person, one soul, expanding their light from within. Remember the Divine is within you, not outside yourself up in the heavens somewhere. There is no power outside yourself. You are “it”. Source is within you. Your higher aspects of self are not “out there”. Remember this!

Aspects that have been very noticeable during the events of this last year are the kindness and compassion people are showing one another. So many of you are realizing now, more than ever, that humanity as a species must “step up to the plate”, so to speak, and be the example for others. These aspects also include sharing, staying in peace and joy, and helping each other wherever and whenever you can. There are thousands of people who have taken on the role to transform the day to day business of the entire planet. Those people behind the scenes working diligently to right the wrongs perpetrated against humanity for an extremely long time. Your internet has been an important tool in assisting all the truth seekers in getting the information out to the world, to those who are willing to listen. Do you see that people from all over the world are getting the truth out, and assisting others to also think for themselves as to what is really occurring on the planet?

The New Age Is Already Upon Us

There is so much more to unfold! Remember, your planet has just stepped into the Aquarian Age. You could say that what is to come is still in it’s infant’s stage. Envision a loving, peaceful, prosperous, abundant, high vibrational planet. Keep joy in your hearts, and trust this beautiful “Divine Plan” for planet earth. There is absolutely nothing to fear but fear itself. There will come a time on your planet that fear will be unknown. Fear does not exist in the higher dimensions. We would like to remind you that all of you came into this embodiment with soul contracts. It is a key time to fulfill those contracts in assisting your brothers and sisters as you move forward.

With that we wish all of you Godspeed, moving forward with love and joy in your hearts. Continue to stand in your brilliant lights. Stay heart centered. Realize you have already won the battle over darkness. See only light in everyone. Feel only love in your hearts. Be the love that you are. Stay at peace. We are here for all of humanity with so much love for all of you!