Now as to the changes that are taking place at this present time, it is vital to stay centered and to connect with the Higher Dimensions who are working with the LIGHT. There are many confused souls both on the Earth plane and in other Dimensions who are creating havoc for whatever reason.

The LIGHT also attracts the dark and it is imperative that when you go into your meditations or do any form of spiritual or healing work, that you ask to be surrounded and protected by the LIGHT in the form of wise and loving beings. These can take the form of Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, High Spiritual Guides and other planetary beings who are assisting within the LIGHT.

Ask that your messages and guidance be given in Unconditional Love. It matters not whether you keep your chakras open or closed. What matters is that you surround and protect yourself with LIGHT. You need to always be able to discern whatever information you are given. This means that if you are not happy with anything that you are being told you can disregard it as not being your Truth. If you work with Angels you will always be protected if you ask.

There are many monumental changes taking place on Earth at this time. Souls are being given a push, so to speak, to wake up to a NEW reality. Many relationships are breaking up, as souls seek new partnerships, within which to work together for the LIGHT. Your bodies and brains are being strengthened as you change from carbon based to a more crystalline structure. You may find yourself waking in the middle of the night and your sleep patterns altering. This is all to do with brainwave patterning and opening up to the Higher Dimensions where there is no time as such. Time was an invention by man to make sense of his own environment.

Ailments such as viral and bacterial infections, dizziness, and minor aches and pains are all ways of regulating your body for the stronger energies that are coming in. As always look to the Medical community and Alternative therapists for help but do not be too concerned if nothing is found for oft times these ailments will pass in time.

Many souls will have to leave the planet at this time, for they will not be able to withstand the high vibrational higher energies that are flooding the planet now. There will be much confusion in the mass population. However those who are working within the LIGHT will be able to withstand these changes and be able to offer advice and comfort to those who are open minded and willing to change.

Those who are unwilling to change and accept this New way of being and continue to work in a dark form will have to leave the Earth and move to another school of learning in another Dimension.

The Earth itself is rumbling. There will be many more earthquakes, volcanoes erupting and strange weather patterns such as tornadoes occurring in places where they are not normally seen. Seasons are changing as the Earth comes into balance once more. This has all happened before. It is just that Man was not around in great numbers before, and in times gone by he accepted these changes and worked with them. In modern times Man has become separated from Nature and Now is the Time to get back in touch with her.

The One designed a wonderful creation on Earth which will not be allowed to be destroyed by Man. If needs be, many souls will be lost and deaths will be inevitable. This is a death in the sense of a physical body. However the soul is eternal and moves on but never dies so there can be no real death as such.

All souls now have a certain time to open their eyes, so to speak, and have been given the chance to evolve and grow. If they do not, they will move to another place of learning. Have no Fear for if you are reading this, your family and loved ones agreed to come to the planet at this Time to assist humanity. Some may well be still asleep but they will wake up in Time. You are all here to leave the 3rd Dimension and enter into the 5th Dimension, a New Heaven on Earth so to speak with all that entails.

A mass migration of those who have been working with the dark side will take place and that time will be soon. The beings of LIGHT or LIGHTWORKERS have been given forewarning that this is to take place and they are readying themselves for this to happen. This will be an uncomfortable time for some, as many will be confused. This is when they will turn to the LIGHTWORKERS for help.

LIGHTWORKERS have been busying themselves, cleansing and clearing themselves of unwanted emotions, implants and attachments, to be ready to help others with this process. They are also helping to cleanse the Earth as she also goes through these changes.

The mass migration which started in 2012 will continue until one fifth of the population is left on the planet. Those who are left will be co- creating with THE ONE. THE ONE knows every single one of you and you are all vitally important to this wonderful NEW AGE on EARTH, which is to come.

So Dear children do not be afraid. COME to the LIGHT. LEARN to be at ONE with yourselves. ASK and you will RECEIVE. But most important of all, LEARN TO LOVE and BE KIND. You are not alone. This is just the beginning.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 19.3.2021