St. Germaine: The Three Fold Flame of God

By Sharon Stewart
I am St Germain and wish to memorandum this reminder to you, the people of Earth.

You are in a part of the process now, the wonderful process of awakening of the souls and minds of the people of planet earth. Yet you do not understand the significance of this process. Some do, and others do not. And some are lost within it.

Allow me please to give you guidance.

At this time in the history of earth, timelines are being created that will enable again, the ascension of the soul through the earth school. For many years, these timelines were not available to many on account of manipulation of your minds; only those seeing beyond the manipulation were able to escape the trap that had been set for you.

Now, this is changing. You, again, can begin an organic ascension process. Rather than remaining stymied in the mire of negativity set before you by yourselves and by your extraterrestrial controllers, yes, extraterrestrial because none of them originate from earth, be they of spirit or of matter it does not matter. These beings have controlled your world, and your minds, to reduce the flame that is innate to your hearts to a minimal level. That flame is the flame of God which is placed within each of you.

That flame is threefold and is pivotal to your successful ascension process. The flame is comprised of power, the power of God and how you use or misuse it; love, the love of God for you and you for God and His creations; and wisdom – the wisdom to use the love and the power within you for the greater good of all.

Do you not see how this is being tested in you already? Do you not see it?! Indeed, your world leaders are allowing you to wake up – they are releasing their domination and control over you and so many of you are lost. All you need do is look to yourselves to see the flame within you. If you cannot sense the flame, then sense your level of power, your level of love and your level of wisdom. Admit your shortcomings with humility; there is no shame for not being the best you feel you can be. How could you be the best you can be in a system that was constructed to destroy you? Please forgive yourselves your shame and your guilt, and please move on fearlessly to work with the divine powers to empower yourselves again.

Wisdom: Are you assessing the information provided to you and making wise choices or deductions with this information? Or are you allowing yourself to be led by new gods who seek to empower themselves at your expense? Both exist within your community. Both exist in this alternative scenario. Oh, indeed!

Do you believe what the news casts tell you about what is going on in your country? Or do you find alternative sources that tell you another story? Can you listen to both these narratives and decide for yourself what you wish to believe? Are you using what you see before you to raise your consciousness or to assume a new set of limiting beliefs?

Love: Are you using all that is put before you, and all who come before you to learn how to love them, or to continue to fear them? Why do you hate others, and why do you love others? Is it simply because they agree or do not agree with you? Do you not realize that now is the time that your beliefs will change because that is the reason all is being conducted as it is. You are to change. How do you use who you meet to learn how to love others more? Do you forgive yourself for making mistakes, or having your “bad days” and try again, or do you condemn yourself indefinitely for being unloving once? Are you being forgiving or are you simply condemning all around you? And do you forgive yourself as well?

Do you not recognize that the way you interact with a stranger wearing a mask in the grocery store is as pertinent to your spiritual growth as the way you interact with any other person? You are all part of God. Do you respect others their choices or do you put them down? Do you correct others or allow them their fair say? Are you out to destroy another person or do you truly love your brother?

Are only those of like mind your friends or can you love anyone?

Do you expect all others to make this world a better place or do you do your own part?

Power: Are you not seeing that there is a process in place to re-empower the people? Because there is. The St Germain funds are going to be released to the people in order that they stop their lack mentality and realize there is more than enough to feed them indefinitely. The companies that restrict shipment of foods will be replaced with companies who ship all and feed as many as possible. New standards will be set for these companies and promoting lack will become illegal. Yes. High prices will become a thing of the past. The world will become affordable to all. There will be no preferential treatment based upon greed.

The process will follow a three pronged approach: Each prong will correspond to a chakra in the hopes of your rebalancing it. When enough money and food is provided to you, your fear of not having enough will dissipate. When you see the children have been rescued and their abuse has stopped, the sacral chakra will be able to be balanced again. When gender issues are resolved with the rise of divine feminine and the proper empowerment of the divine masculine within you, rebalancing the sacral chakra will be possible. When you have enough food, money and major divisional issues in your society are healed, you will begin to step more into your power, and the solar plexus chakra will seek rebalancing. This all leads to the opening of the heart.

Some have undergone this process already and their hearts are open. Not all upon earth are so, and there is still much learning to be done. However, once this program has finished playing out in front of you, you will understand that you will be living in a society that supports your ascension rather than discourages it. You will feel more like a human, not the humanoid that you are now. Your DNA will change and re-engage to bring you to greater power.

It is willed that this be so and so it is.

I remain always at your avail,
St Germain