Get excited! The world IS changing for the better


It is interesting, to be in a place of such peace, calmness, and anticipation while a lot of the world is in chaos. I know that it is my divine purpose to pass the light of information, and energy that I am feeling, onto those ready to feel the same. So here I am!

Friends, we are in the process of normalizing a beautiful new world. It is happening, and if you take a moment to allow the residence of those words inside your own body, you can feel it too. As we look at the 3D reality right now, it looks heavy, lost, destructive, and broken. In fact, if you are looking only at what humanity is fed, that is all that you will see. However, the light is dominant on the planet, but it is not obvious to everyone just yet.

Think back to how long we have been living in this low vibrational reality. It did not happen overnight. Humanity was brought down, held down, and misled away from everything that would lift them up through every system possible on earth including healthy food, holistic natural health care/prevention, purposeful careers, thinking for themselves, earning the money they actually deserve, education, and so much more. Over much time, the sovereign systems were infiltrated with corrupted systems that were normalized and passed off as a “benefit” so much that most of humanity didn’t even question it anymore, until a year ago.

Humanity has been distracted and deceived for decades- so much that 800,000 missing children a year was no cause for concern for the vast majority.. until recently. 1 missing child should cause a worldwide broadcast. They have also normalized toxic food, so much that people didn’t read labels…until recently when now there is no way to deny they cause health issues. “Medicine” with side effects and being on 12 prescriptions at a time was normalized because we are told there are so many “new” and “incurable” dis-eases out there. Corruption in government, voter fraud, and corruption in every other industry people just passed off as normal because they were purposely distracted by sports, movies, fake news, etc, so they would not notice, until now. Humanity was easily convinced to give up their gold, use a central bank which is not even a government entity, and pay taxes. Now they are realizing how much illegal activity has actually been going on everywhere, and that the “role models” are actually the bad guys, and none of it is for humanity’s benefit.

The fact that things are coming to the surface for all to see, is a great thing. And it’s a CLEAR sign that the corruption is being dismantled. That is why everything this past year had to happen the way it did, once people experience the truth they can choose differently, and the illusion is falling because of it.

Even years ago, when I had my own re-awakening, I realized something, there were so many people who were standing up and questioning this “normalized” narrative, I was not as alone as I had felt. I could see so many soul-centered individuals and sovereign company’s growing exponentially to help humanity and I thought…they are here for a reason, this is no accident. I felt it deep in my heart that a shift was occurring and that the dark had already lost. Humanity was starting to slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together because of the ones who were fulfilling their divine purpose of serving them, and lighting the way.

The people here to serve humanity, are growing in numbers and replacing the people who have been conditioning humanity to believe in this instantaneous fake reality, that we need instant gratification, and when we don’t get it- we get angry and filled with disbelief. But remember, humanity did not fall so deep in the 3-dimensional vibrations of poverty, division, fear, and corruption overnight, so bringing them out of it is not going to happen without some resistance, but it is happening. If Mr.T, the alliance, and the galactics were to have the greatness of Nesara/Gesara roll out overnight there would be many misunderstandings, they may not appreciate it and respect it as much as they will when they understand what freedom and sovereignty truly are, and who was keeping it away from them.

So it is necessary for this to happen at a steady pace, as events and truth come to the surface, there is time for communication, contemplation, healing, and the vibration is created to desire better. In turn, normalizing a better world. For example, people are now hearing about what has been happening with the children for eons, and they are horrified and saying “No more”, we want our children o be safe. This is happening on a grand scale within the collective on all topics, and it is causing waves of light and higher vibrations to lift humanity up and up and up. This may not be an overnight thing, but it is happening faster than we think.

Once you tune into that inner knowing, you will feel that it almost seems silly to think the dark even had a chance at winning this final battle, but that does not mean we do not feel the vibrations of their end. As lightworkers, we do heavily, yet, when we sit in the place of knowing, of inner trust, we are able to sustain that vibration for the rest of the planet, the calm and peaceful energies of light that naturally radiate from our bodies when we are in that place. That is how we do our part. So do not fear as the darkness comes to the surface and into the headlines, know that that is a clear sign it is being driven out by the light. And remember, we were chosen to go first, to sustain those higher vibrations to make it easier for the rest of humanity to allow it in as well. We are watching the world change before our eyes, and it is beautiful. Continue to seek out the light, and anchor it in.

It truly is an exciting time to be alive. The best is yet to come!

In love and light,

Ashley Ulizzi