The Final Wakeup Call: The Great Awakening is upon us


Containership Evergreen story

Logical thinking and connecting all known dots, learns the following conclusion;

This operation, is a false flag but this time by the White Heads. The ship ‘Ever Green,’ pseudonym of Hillary, is owned by the Clintons, HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton is listed on it.

The cargo consists of containers containing children and uranium, the route from the Suez Canal onward is Rotterdam to Baltimore.

Every ship that sails through the Suez Canal has a recognised and experienced pilot on board who takes over the captain’s authority. The pilot is in the WH plot to ground the boat. And the tub boats’ name is Barak 1! Is that a coincidence? Presumably not.


Now, all or many containers have to be taken off board to re-float the boat by losing weight. Meanwhile, the MSM has also reported, and when soon children come out of the containers, all hell will have broken loose and the public masses will wake up in disgust.

They see the crime against humanity live and are then informed that the whole pandemic is too. And through bribery the hospitals and doctors are in on the virus plot, which is also a crime against humanity.

That will be the moment of our massive awakening and victory over the Deep State. Every puppet Clinton, Bush, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron, Rutte, Sanchez, etc. can be rounded up and tried.