Archangelic Collective via Galaxygirl | March 29, 2021

Greetings beloveds on ascending Gaia. We are the Archangelic Collective. You likely feel as a little boat on a rocky sea, navigating the winds and waves, the currents, the unexpected gusts. No storm lasts forever. Calm seas with gentle breezes are ahead of humanity. But in this now you are here to navigate the currents as the masters that you are. You are not here to be comfortable. You are here to be strong. And you are strong. We say this while wiping a few tears from our eyes as we watch you and assist from the ethers. Giant wings are all around, beloved ones. Giant wings ready to whisper encouragement or dispel a foe, or to assist you with your alignment process. There are many of us, too many to count. There are many archangelic realms in many universes and we have all joined our consciousness for Gaia’s rebirth so that we may assist most effectively and lovingly.

We are the Archangelic Collective of many merged into one, for the benefit of humanity in this most sacred now. We breathe activations upon you now. Allow it to soak in as a gentle rain, washing away your uncertainties, a refreshing mist in the storm. Know that your higher self is watching over you as well and that you truly have a giant network of support. This too shall pass, this is but a moment of experience, that you came here specifically to experience. You knew of the challenges, the heartbreaks and the dangers. But you came regardless of your love of humanity, for your love of the selfless Gaia and for her redemption, knowing that you would have the unique opportunity to be of planetary and yes, universal service. For those are the kinds of selfless beings that you are. The dark ones’ talons are loosening, and in the higher realms are but a distant memory. Many shocking truths of your planet’s occupation are coming to the surface. Many will be in utter shock and disbelief. For many this will lead to anger and rage. You are to be the calming mist for them, to cool the anger, to soothe their worries. For this is a divine plan. You have heard this, and deep down you know it, but it is uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable with the knowledge of apparent discord from the divine reality to the reality that you see before you need not raise concern. It is all divine. It is all in divine will and timing. Align yourself with this divinity within and without and feel the cosmic flow of the breath of all that is. Just because what you see around you does not feel divine does not mean that it is not. It is divine that the truth is revealed. This is what you are seeing. Of course the love of God, of the cosmic in-breath and out-breath is love itself, and you are love incarnate. It is the force of love and the sheer will of Creator that all beings realize this love, and realize that they were created to love, out of love, for love. For all is love. It is this realization that is the process of the divine. We are coating your world with love, with light, from the higher realms. We are coating your world with our own divinity, for we have realized our purpose, and that is to enforce and provide presence for this love. We are returning the balance, we are assisting those who are crying out for assistance. We encourage you to talk with us, to feel our wings of light and love around you, for we are nearby.

We are the Archangelic Collective of many into one, into one consciousness. Humanity is slowly but surely returning into this one cosmic voice. The injured will be healed. The doubting will see and believe. The dark will be removed. The aligned will rejoice and be able to see the veil fall away, elevated up into the realms of ecstasy. This is the divine decree and timing. The plan of divine plan is whole, is complete. You are here to anchor this light, to provide space and an anchor point for this divinity in form, for that is what you are. You are the hands and feet of the divine in form, coating all you touch with fingerprints of light and love. (I am seeing wormholes of light from other universes form and rush into this one, from all sides, too numerous to count. I am seeing Gaia in the center being surrounded by this light, by their rushing wings from other realms and universes coming to our aid.) Indeed, galaxygirl. We have and are all rushing towards your planet in great support and love. This is to your benefit for further support but also to our benefit so we may serve and lend our light and mighty strength. You too have this same light and strength. All will be made known. All will be revealed. And healed. That which denies alignment will be removed. Gaia will be a higher dimensional paradise once again, a school of learning as an intergalactic meeting place for higher love and learning, and recreation. She will serve as an example for other ascending worlds and suppressed populations expanding into higher thought. (I am seeing Nova Gaia, a paradise of parks and intense beauty with brilliant indigo and turquoise waters. I am hearing children laugh and seeing families play on beaches, seeing scientists exploring the new healing plant species that will be there. I am seeing cities of light in the skies and ease of travel from the land to the skies. It is a paradise. There is a purple shimmer in the aura around Gaia and the air feels alive, glowing.)

We are the Archangelic Collective, the many into the one. You are here to create this, to bridge this current reality into the ascended reality. This too is by divine timing. The steps cannot be rushed but they will not be allowed to drag. You light workers are a tenacious group, so strong in your abilities. This is why you were chosen to bear witness to such events and to assist with your own unique strengths and abilities. You are well honored and loved. We are here to assist. Ever in service to the light, we are the Archangelic Collective.

~ galaxygirl