Ascension update from the Guides - The 4D to 5D JUMP

We are at a point of our collective ascension where it seems as if we are spinning our wheels a bit and that things are not moving 'forward' the way we 'expect'. This energy of expectation can be quite demotivating and instantly shifts us into a lower vibration.
This is a channeled message from our guides who are here to remind us that 'We The Light Workers and Starseeds' are the ones who hold the key to move things forward. It is time for all of us as a collective to stop projecting our energy outwards and take back our power. It is time for us to remember the powerful creators that we are and shift our focus inwards into creating the change that we wish to see in this world. It is this collective effort that is the much-needed nudge that the world needs most right now.
With Love,
EldoRa and Siman