YOU ARE SEEDED IN LOVE - The Council of 12 through Penni Moore


You are all spiritual beings, seeded in love and all it’s glory by what is! Relish that knowing! Celebrate that knowing! For it is a truth not fully understood, or even believed by most of humanity in a 3D world. Those of you who know and understand this are far ahead of the average human. For sure you will all get there and graduate from 3D school, so to speak, but the work has really only just begun!

Your mission is to communicate the message of love and truth to all of humanity. How do you do this you ask? By being the light that you are every millisecond of your life. Humanity will listen to what you have to say, and they will feel the love and light that you consistently emanate. It is important that you do this daily, as it is no small feat. So much of yourself and your essence has gone into your development and ascension to this point in your linear time. You are multidimensional beings of light! You are multifaceted and working in many realms simultaneously. Never doubt the power that you emanate as it is all encompassing! You have only begun to skim the surface of the multifaceted you. You could say that your spirit or essence is here, there and everywhere, at any given time. Yet you feel locked into one timeframe or dimension, if you will. In time you will see and feel that you are multidimensional because you are everywhere. Others have pointed out to you that you are twelve beings all at once. May we tell you that you are so much more! You were imparted information as to what you could understand at the time. But now, we say that you are truly multifaceted, and are everywhere at all times.

You often wonder why sleep eludes you. We tell you it is because at times your physical human body must be wide awake to allow you to be at work in other dimensions. As you are now aware, lightworkers are in all dimensions at any given time, and not just in your sleeping dream state, although you are always busy working and doing your part in your dream state, as well.

Open Your Mind and Heart

There is so much for you to understand and comprehend as you move forward as a physical being. In time you will actually know what your full mission entails on all levels of your beingness. You are beginning to open your mind and heart to what is around you in all dimensions, not just physical. You are receiving glimpses of these other facets of yourself from time to time.

You are flourishing now as light beings, and it is time to fulfill your mission you contracted to do, when you were seeded. Do you comprehend what we are trying to relay to you? Enough of humanity has raised their consciousness to what is and are ready to learn and understand so much more! And you being ambassadors of light have chosen to be the light for others! So others too can awaken, continue to grow vibrationally and evolve. How grand is that?

You wonder what these teachings are that are before you? We begin with what is, and what will always be, and that is that all is light. All is energy, no matter what is going on – on the level of form. You know that 3D is a dimension of total illusion, as is all physicality. It doesn’t matter whether you are in different universes or galaxies, whether you take on a human form or another form. All is an illusion and ever will be, until all species return to Source, and the Universe is no more!

There is so much to live through and experience in any physical form, as experience is all there is, in the physical. Whether you choose to live on your planet earth or any other planet or galaxy. It is all illusion. It is all separation, and it is all for the purpose of learning and undoing. You as a species are in “awe” of certain beings whether they reside on earth or somewhere else. But let us remind you that all have work to do, in order to return to Source.

Your Mission

Your mission is to help and guide humanity to return to the light of Source. No one will be left out in learning and taking the steps to enable them to return to Source. Now that you know this, how will you guide them? For some it will be through the written word, and through your presence in every situation and experience you place yourself in. For others it will be through the medical field, therapeutics and other services to humanity.

As time goes by you will become more and more aware of the illusion you appear to live in. As you become aware of your experience, at any given time, you will assist others because of your experience in seeing and living the illusion of what appears to be on the level of form. You have sat and pondered your oneness, so often at times now. And each time you do, the veils of the illusion become less dense for you and you experience the truth of what is time and time again.

Your mind is adapting to your visions and realizations of the illusion, and you know that your mind is not only projecting all you see, feel, hear and experience, but you will begin to feel that you are not a body, in any way shape or form. You will also begin to become androgynous and much lighter in being.

All of humanity will see and sense eventually that they are pure spirit, and it will begin with you – being less and less dense as time goes by. We know you are ready for this. So, as it occurs you will not be concerned in any way as you will instinctively know that light is what you are. In time you will begin to shapeshift and alter your physical body to show others the truth of their beingness. It all begins within you. This is why you should only eat alive foods, which include fruits and vegetables, mainly in the raw state. In order to be light you must eat light filled foods and drink pure alive water. Also meditate daily, spend time in nature, and be in consistent joy and peace.

You have worked extremely hard and long to get to this juncture, and it will become second nature for you to shift and alter yourself in so many ways. We will guide you each step of the way, as you are now ready to take more direction and follow through with our guidance. All you need to do is request our assistance. As we call upon you and guide you nothing will phase you in all of this! You will just do what you need to do and then reveal it to others. You are ready, so please do not doubt this in any way! You will instinctively follow through in your knowingness without delay or uncertainty of any kind.

We are here for you in love and light!