Simon Parkes Update for April 4, 2021

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Comment on April 4, 2021 by Steve Beckow:

Simon Parkes’ latest update. It begins at 4:50.

Background on the Ever Given, what was found on it, how much it’s costing the cabal a day, on the Mossad satellite shot down and its impact on the mainstream media, and more.

I have to say that I’m appalled to hear that Rods of God contain tungsten and depleted uranium.  Depleted uranium is a planet-killer. (1) I can’t believe that the Alliance is unaware of it.

Apparently one of the impacts of the launch of the new Starlink system of satellites and the destruction of the Mossad satellites is that the cabal has taken to monitoring social media to find out what’s happening. For that reason Simon has to watch what he says. Thanks to Len.


(1) To date, the galactics have removed the depleted uranium from the atmosphere, without which Gaia would have departed from her body, the planet Earth.

Steve Beckow: If the galactics had not neutralized depleted uranium, would this planet have died?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Now let me explain. It is not just that she would have died. It would have been that her will to continue on would not have been there.

SB: Wow, eh? That serious.

AAM: Yes, that serious.

(Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, personal reading for Steve Beckow, August 6, 2013, at

See  Steve Beckow, “Depleted Uranium: Why We Must Not Go to War with Iran,” Sept. 3, 2007, at