Lorie Ladd ~ 10 Hacks to Assist You Now

Lorie lays out her methods of coping with this moment in our reality ~
  • I allow myself to feel and be whatever comes up.
  • I stay present and I listen to my body.
  • I always trust everything that is in my now. I don’t doubt it, and I just stay in that flow space.
  • I never make anything wrong, although I may not like it.
  • I trust that everything in my now is absolutely allowing me to shift into higher states of consciousness.
  • I follow my resonance more than my logic.
  • I know I am guided and protected no matter what I’m going through. I’m never alone.
  • I choose to create my reality and not allow anyone else to create it for me.
  • I choose to believe the messages that I’m receiving.
  • I know that I’m here for a reason, and that everything in our now is allowing us to shift deeper into our Divine Blueprint.